30 Eye-catching Orange Flowers That Give A Vibe Appeal To Your Garden

Looking for a great way to brighten up your homes and gardens, but you haven’t had any ideas yet. Go for fascinating orange blossoms today! The simple reason, these beautiful flowers with bright colors that have the happiness of yellow and the energy of red color. It symbolizes fascination, creativity, attraction, success, encouragement, stimulation, and determination. There is nothing better than bringing all these attributes to your home or garden by growing the 30 Eye-catching Orange Flowers.
30 Eye-catching Orange Flowers That Give A Vibe Appeal To Your Garden
Although all of them are so beautiful with bold orange color, they display their own beauty according to their ways. Whether you choose any types of them to grow, they promise to bring cheer and brightness to your garden. They are popular with both spring and fall blooms, this color is sure to bring a smile to your face all season of the year. Not just that, they are easy to grow with basic requirements such as moist and nutrient soil, well-drainage, get enough sunlight about for 4 to 6 hours at least per day! Some of them also grow well on cold winter days. Explore them to find some that can the perfect addition to your garden.

#1 Orange Pansy

Image Credits: Northerngardener

#2 Orange Zinnia

Image Credits: Unknow

#3 Orange Poppy

Image Credits: Unknow

#4 Orange Nasturtium

Image Credits: Gardenmanage

#5 Calendula

Image Credits: The Spruce

#6 Orange Persian Buttercup

Image Credits: The Spruce

#7 Torch Lily

Image Credits: Terranovanurseries

#8 Painted Abutilon

Image Credits: Logees

#9 Lion’s Tail

Image Credits: Gardenia

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#10 Trumpet Vine

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

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