30 Best Beautiful Tall Flower Types

In order to keep your garden looking amazing and more exciting throughout the year, flowers always are an indispensable part of any garden because they bring vivid color to make anybody will fall in love when standing in front of their natural beauty. So, if you want to establish flower beds for your garden, this post today will give you some attractive flowers that you are looking for. Here are the 30 best beautiful tall flower types to liven up your garden, spending your time learning about them with us now!

30 Best Beautiful Tall Flower Types

Tall flowers can frame a flowering planting to establish privacy for back yards, spas, or your pools. In addition, you can use tall flowers as a backdrop for shorter plants, or as a focal point to draw attention away from construction, or if you want to have a life as a farm, these flowers will help you by using their beauty, even as a shelter for wildlife. Not only bring the best beautiful flowers to fit all your purposes, but they also are easy to grow and take care of. For good reasons above, don’t hesitate to give them a space in your garden, right?

#1 Ageratum Houstonianum

Image Credits: Brain Study

Ageratum houstonianum has beautifully bluish floss flowers. It starts blooming in the middle of summer and it will continue blooming until late fall. It requires some shade in hot summer climates.

#2 Amaranthus

Image Credits: Adobe Stock

This plant maintains a poinsettia-like appearance from the middle of summer, when it has reached its maximum height, until the first frost. The upper third of the plant is covered in the foliage of red and sometimes yellow that stands out in the flower bed.

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#3 Boltonia

Image Credits: Dreamstime

This plant is native to well-watered areas, so it won’t hold well to drought without generous supplemental watering. The little flowers appear from late summer until the middle of fall.

#4 Bugbane

Image Credits: Bijoux To Cara

Bugbane bears a dainty array of small, creamy white, intensely fragrant blooms in late summer. The foliage ranges from deep purple to bronze. You will need to grow bugbane in partial to deep shade for it to reach its full height. Grow in well-watered locations.

#5 Castor Bean

Image Credits: Dreamstime

Castor beans bear colorful spikes of yellow flowers over dark red and purple foliage. They grow as long as the weather is warm and they get enough sun.

#6 Chimney Bellflower

Image Credits: Home Stratosphere

Chimney bellflower grows bell-shaped light purple blooms that grow on a chimney-shaped stalk rising from rich green foliage.

#7 Cosmos

Image Credits: Twitter

These colorful flowers in the sunflower family sport pink, bright orange, or white petals in a daisy-like configuration around yellow centers. The flowers attract butterflies and the seeds attract birds.

#8 Cleome

Image Credits: Home Stratosphere

Cleome blooms for six to eight weeks from early summer until early fall if they get full sun. The blossoms have a musky odor.

#9 Dahlia

Image Credits: Brain Study

Dahlias are ruffled relatives of zinnias and sunflowers. All dahlias require full sun and all dahlias are sensitive to cold and killed by frost.

#10 Desert Candle

Image Credits: English Tenses

Desert candles are drought-hardy plants in the cabbage family. These flowers are drought-hardy but cold-sensitive. They look best as a background plant near shrubs and need protection from wind.

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