3 Unexpected Benefits of Charcoal for Teeth

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According to the CDC, one-quarter of all Americans have untreated tooth decay, with others suffering from gum disease and tooth loss. You might be looking for the best way to treat your oral health before problems arise.

You might think it’s unusual, but why not charcoal for teeth? It’s not the stuff you find in the bottom of your grill after a summer outing.  However,  the health trend is sweeping health-conscious people as a way for plaque removal and general dental care.

Here are three unexpected benefits of charcoal for teeth.

1. Great for Whitening Teeth

Do you want to know how to whiten your teeth? Charcoal toothpaste can be a great way to get whiter teeth as opposed to traditional methods. You brush your teeth daily, so why not add a regiment to get your teeth whiter and fix your stained teeth?

Charcoal toothpaste is mildly abrasive and will help your stained teeth. Since charcoal is natural, it doesn’t use any chemicals (like a bleaching process) to get your teeth nice, bright, and white!

If you have sensitive teeth, charcoal for teeth won’t give you a weird feeling like teeth whitening strips. The chemicals in the process can leave you with a numbing feeling once the process is complete. By using natural ingredients, charcoal for teeth helps eliminate any strange sensitivity from another method.

2. Fights Bad Breath

Activated charcoal attracts all of the bad things in your mouth and gets rid of them during dental care. It’s like a magnet, sucking out bacteria. All of that gunk in your mouth gives you unpleasant breath.

You want fresh and clean breath before an important meeting with a client or a big date with your significant other. Charcoal for teeth can help with plaque removal and raises your mouth pH levels to give you breath that’s clean as a whistle.

Your mouth’s awful smell is likely due to halitosis. Charcoal for teeth can help get rid of the lousy stuff causing the nasty breath. It can help with this chronic condition that affects so many people.

3. Antiviral Properties

Charcoal for teeth might also help your body with a charcoal detox. Charcoal comes with antiviral properties. A charcoal detox can help give you better skin and even give your energy a boost.

In addition to your dental care, charcoal can help your intestinal tract. Like it does in your mouth, charcoal helps to eliminate the toxins in your body. You’ll feel better naturally!

Benefits of Charcoal for Teeth

Are you thinking about charcoal for teeth? There are three major unexpected benefits of using charcoal for teeth: teeth whitening, helping bad breath, and antiviral properties. This revolutionary new way of treating your oral health can help you combat many problems.

Start scrubbing with charcoal toothpaste to get yourself on the path to better dental care!

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