People generally decorate their bedrooms more personally than other rooms as it functions as a space for them to rest and rejuvenate. The bedroom is the most private space of a house and reflects the exact aesthetic inclination of the owner—décor, therefore, becomes crucial in setting the right vibe.

Bedroom decor is unique because even its functional components contribute to the overall aesthetic. For example, bed linen like quilt covers, pillow covers, throws, and bed sheets are also a part of bedroom decor, but they have specific purposes.

The interior decor and upholstery industry are aware of this concept and collaborate to provide artistic yet functional designs. Interior decorators and homeowners can find bedroom furnishings like tapestries, posters, lights, etc., that match their decor and bed linen theme. 


When choosing bedding and bed linen like mattresses, bedsheets, pillows, cushions, covers, quilts, blankets, etc., people pay close attention to quality and comfort as they are vital in influencing and maintaining their sleep routine. The right bed linen can help achieve optimal rest during sleep.

 Counting Thread

The thread count is a vital characteristic of any fabric and refers to the number of threads in every square inch of the material. The rule of thumb is that a higher thread count means better quality. Fabrics with a higher thread count have less space between the threads and hence, feel softer against the skin—they provide the maximum amount of comfort. The thread count information of all bed linen is usually available on the packaging.

 Quality of The Material

The fabric’s quality also depends on another aspect: the quality of the thread or fibre. While higher thread counts ensure softer materials, if the thread fibre is of poor quality, it won’t feel as smooth on the skin. People must pay attention to the thread count and feel the fabric to check for the thread’s quality.


Bedroom upholstery is also a part of the decor industry and is available in various styles and themes. People can find quilt covers, bedsheets, pillow covers, throws, carpets, and tapestries for whichever aesthetic theme they prefer.

 The Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalism is all about simplistic decor that speaks volumes. Homeowners can opt for light colours with bold patterns on their quilts and bed linen sets in complementary colours to the wallpaper and furnishings. Additionally, minimalistic bed decor usually has fewer items: one or two pillows, bed sheets, a throw and a doona.

 The Pop Art Bedroom

Pop art refers to comic-style aesthetics in bold colours and sharp lines. This theme focuses on flashy designs, retro vibes, and sharp edges and lines. Designers can opt for wallpaper or tapestries in colours like hot pink, sky blue, mauve, etc., and balance them with lighter colours on the upholstery to complete the effect.

 The Bohemian Bedroom

The Bohemian Aesthetic is all about feathers, arrows, earthy tones, ethereal effects like clouds, etc. The decor industry has unlimited pieces for those who like the bohemian decor. There are innumerable bed linen choices, from bed linen-like quilt covers with watercolour effects to tapestries with mandala lights or tassels.

 Purple, blue, pink, pastels, browns, jewel tones and subdued cool tones make up the bohemian theme. They usually sport plants, arrows, trees, dreamcatchers and abstract art like mandalas or Aztec print.

Designers also incorporate string lights, dreamcatchers, and polaroid bunting into this theme—adding flair and enhancing the overall effect.

The variety in bedroom upholstery and décor can be combined and recombined until the perfect balance between aesthetic and comfort is achieved.

Author Name:Alison Lurie

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