3 Devices You Should Get For Home Security Purposes

With time there has been a general rise in crime rates across the country, and with that there have also been improvements in methods of securing our homes and private properties. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of home security? Surveillance cameras? Security alarm systems? All of which are the best, but can get quite expensive to get into a contract with.

Bigger homes, mostly ones with families are the ones that tend to get security systems for their residences. Those can include panic buttons, motion detection, trip alarms by windows and doors – you get the picture. Such security systems would ideally only be affordable by families or high-income bracket earners because let’s face it, they don’t come cheap. So is there any other way for the rest of us to secure our homes and apartments? Of course there is! 

Here are 3 smart home devices that would otherwise be great for home automation and convenience purposes, but they also serve as great security measures to protect your homes. That is because their smart technology allows for them to come with features that help you watch over your home or have access to 24/7, from wherever you are.

1. Google Nest Cam

Retail price $179.99

Do you know what’s better than a regular surveillance camera? A smart camera, more specifically the Google Nest Cam. The Nest Cam is a smart camera designed to be placed anywhere since it is battery operated – that means anywhere indoors or even outdoors. It can withstand any weather condition and can be placed anywhere or mounted on a wall, however you prefer it, meanwhile indoors it can be placed in discreet corners or right next to the gaming console or the kitchen counter for easy communication.

When we say easy communication, we mean to say that the Nest Cams support two-way audio – so you don’t just watch the surveillance video live with sound, but you can also speak to whoever is at the other end of the camera! That is because the Nest Cam itself and its video footage can be accessed through the Google Home app. Download the app onto your smartphones, tablets and even laptops to watch over your home while you’re away at work, on vacation or even just at the corner store.  

The Nest Cam can differentiate between objects, animals, vehicles and people, so it filters out alerts sent to your device anytime it detects anything while you’re away. In case you miss out on anything, it has a 3-hour video history that you can view from the Google Home App. 

2. Ring Video Doorbell 3

Retail price $179.99

Its time you switch out your regular doorbell with a smart video doorbell, that too with the Ring Video Doorbell 3. Ring video doorbells have been a successful series, with several models available – each as good as the next. Here is why you should get the Video Doorbell 3.

This smart video doorbell features HD video with night vision for a crisp, bright video feed accessible all day round. With the Ring App you can get complete control of your doorbell, from wherever you are. Get real-time notifications anytime the bell rings or when it detects anyone’s presence at your doorstep, and receive safety alerts from your nearby local safety agencies too. 

With its Live View feature, you can even watch the video feed like you would of a surveillance camera –open your app and watch what’s happening outside your door just to be extra cautious, whether you think you heard something outside, or while you’re at work stressing about the neighbor’s kid stealing your new garden gnome on the porch. In a time where you’re too busy to pick up your phone and answer the door, you can allow visitors to leave messages by selecting any of the saved pre-selected Quick Replies. Pretty cool right? 

That’s not all! With a subscription to Ring Protect for $3 a month, users can unlock several more features, here are some of the best ones that take security up a notch. With this subscription, you have the option to record videos and take snapshots to view later when you have the time. Alerts and notifications can be customized to specific people, instead of any time any movement is detected, as well as receiving a photo preview of what triggered an alert. 

3. August Smart Keypad

Retail price $59.99

The August Smart Keypad is a keyless and tamperproof door lock that is the perfect device for home security, because we all know locks can easily be picked and any spare keys that we hide can easily be found with just a little more effort in snooping.  But with the August Keypad you can generate temporary codes for friends and family to let them into your home while you’re away. 

But that’s not all that the Smart keypad is good for. Sure, unlocking doors with a passcode entails for something great and safer, but there’s more to this device. Through the August App you can track exactly when your door was unlocked and locked, just to make sure it was who you think it was – the kids coming back from soccer practice, the housekeeper coming in for her daily chores, or your sweet neighbor coming to water your plants while you’re out of state. It’s easy to lock the door with one simple touch; that saves time and also allows you to lock your door directly from the August App while you’re away. 

If this article hasn’t convinced you yet of how brilliant and ideal these smart devices are for your home security, then we don’t know what will! Smart devices are a great, long-term alternative to other home security methods, which are also inexpensive to purchase for your homes. Consider them an investment into the safety of your family and your property. 

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