28 Beautiful Indoor Plants for Girl’s Room

Decorating the home by adding houseplants shouldn’t just be limited to the living room. When it comes to Girl’s Room, choose plants that have something trendy and personal. Most girls often love pink, blue, red, and purple colors most. So, we’ve listed a list of indoor plants according to colors, air-purifying capabilities, patterns, shapes, benefits, and ease of growing to add to the private space.
28 Beautiful Indoor Plants for Girl’s Room
If you are looking for ideas to make the most perfect and adorable houseplants for your mother, your sister, your children, or yourself, this list today promises to create a perfect space for her like nowhere. They not only give make your room more vivid and attractive but also take care of easily just with basic care. For example, a little of water to make moist the surface of the soil; or give them a full sun place, others love growing in partial shade. Surely, this will be a bonus for lazy ones, right? Check them out to bring these natural gifts to become a part of life now!

#1 Hydrangea

Source: Gardeningknowhow

#2 Earth Star

Source: Homedepot

#3 Poinsettia

Source: Hearthandvine

#4 Freckle Face Plant

Source: Panamseed

#5 Heuchera

Source: Bhg

#6 Swallowtail Plant

Source: Pilea

#7 Purple Oxalis

Source: Reddit

#8 Peace Lily

Source: Primrose

#9 Caladium

Source: Bhg

#10 Inch Plant

Source: Bouqs

#11 Silver Sword Philodendron

Source: Nochicares

#12 Ferns

Source: Gardeningknowhow

#13 Sweetheart Hoya

Source: Houzz

#14 Anthurium Tickled Pink

Source: Plantshop

#15 Bellflower

Source: Frostsgardencentres

#16 Croton

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#17 Rose of Sharon

Source: Almanac

#18 Swiss Cheese Plant

Source: Fastgrowingtrees

#19 Grape Hyacinth

Source: Farmergracy

#20 Succulents

Source: Crateandbarrel

#21 Purple Passion

Source: Thespruce

#22 Baby Tears

Source: Thespruce

#23 Rose Painted Calathea

Source: Amazon

#24 African Violets

Source: Almanac

#25 Lucky Bamboo Plant

Source: Thespruce

#26 Burro’s Tail

Source: Waitrosegarden

#27 Aloe Vera

Source: Camdenliving

#28 Orchids

Source: Bhg

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