26 Best Beautiful Plants To Grow in Florida

Florida has a distinct climate compared to the others in the country. The levels of humidity and heat can be challenging for many plants. If you are looking forward to growing some beautiful blossoms there, then you’ve arrived at the right place! Read on the 26 Best Beautiful Plants To Grow in Florida to find out plants that suit your fancy as well as your zone.
There is nothing better than adding a cheery and colorful appeal to gardens like flowers, right? There are many different varieties of flowering plants that thrive statewide year-round. Regardless of you want a bloomer that’s a Florida native, drought-tolerant, attracts beneficial insects, grows well in pots, or add bright color to hardscapes, shade, or sunny gardens, there is something for you in the collection today. No matter the season, these flowering plants that bloom all year brighten even the dullest landscape areas in your properties. Spending your time learning about them!

#1 Golden Dewdrop

Source: Flickr

Golden Dewdrop grows well in planting zones 9-11 and can reach 2-3 feet tall. It belongs to the tropical flowering shrub family. It shows off beautiful white or blue flowers all summer long. It thrives in full sun and also tolerates partial shade.

#2 Coneflower

Source: Hgvt

Coneflower does well in zones 3-8 and grows up to 18-36 inches tall. It displays nectar-rich, pink, red, white, yellow, and orange flowers all summer long. It can tolerate drought and heat, it prefers 6-8 hours of direct sun and well-drained, rich soil.

#3 Salvia

Source: Gardenersdream

Salvia does well in planting zones 8-10 and can reach 12-24 inches tall. It features rich blue, white, or red flowers. It favors 6-8 hours of direct sunlight in well-drained, and rich soil.

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#4 Zinnia

Source: Ugaoo

Zinnia grows in zones 4a-9b. It puts off appealing small-large flowers that come in a variety of colors except for blue. It favors 6-8 hours of sun, in rich, and well-drained soil.

#5 Lantana

Source: Theherbexchange

Lantana does well in zones 9-11. It produces nectar-rich, sparkling yellow, red, white, pink, orange, lavender, and bi-color flowers. It prefers a warm, sunny climate.

#6 Canna

Source: Thespruce

Canna grows in zones 7-11. It is a tropical plant that has bulbs and large leaves. It comes in many colors of red, yellow, orange, pink, salmon, or bi-colored flowers. Its blooming time is from mid to late summer in hot, humid conditions.

#7 Jacobinia

Source: Aucklandbotanicgardens

The Jacobinia grows in zones 8b-11. It is a beautiful tropical flowering shrub and offers a cluster of white or pink flowers that resemble fireworks.

#8 Gerbera

Source: Gardengatemagazine

Gerbera does in 8-11 and can grow up to 10-18 inches tall and 1-2 feet wide. It produces ray-like petals, of pale pastel yellow, pink to bold orange color, and red flowers. The plant prefers rich, moist soil and full sun to partial shade.

#9 Persian Shield

Source: Thedailygardener

Persian Shield grows in zones 8-11. It displays striking purple foliage that has a pearly shine. The plant does well in both full sun and partial shade.

#10 Lamium

Source: Gardenia

Lamium does well in zones 3-8 and can grow up to 6-8 inches tall. It shows off pink, silver flowers to lighten up the dark corners of your garden. Growing it in a semi-shaded area for optimum growth.

#11 Plumbago

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Plumbago grows well in zones 9-10 and can grow up to 4-5 feet tall. It is a tropical flowering shrub and displays a bunch of sky-blue blossoms.

#12 Purslane

Source: Gardenia

Purslane grows in zones 10-11 and can reach up to 4-8 inches long. It is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in warm weather. It forms beautiful succulent foliage with white, orange, or rose-colored flowers. Grow purslane in well-draining soil under full sun.

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#13 Verbena

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Verbena does well in zones 7-10 and can attain a height up to 12-30 inches in a trailing or upright form. It showcases a cluster of nectar-rich red, white, yellow, orange, or bi-colored flowers.

#14 Blanket Flower

Source: Gardenerspath

Blanket Flower does in zones 5-9 and can grow up to 18-22 inches tall in a sunny area, in well-drained soil with occasional watering. Its flowers have patterned or solid flowers in yellow, orange, or red colors, during the entire summer.

#15 Oyster Plant

Source: Growjoy

Oyster Plant grows well in zones 9-11. It does best both outdoors and indoors. Growing it in medium to bright light and water it frequently, once or twice a week.

#16 Coreopsis

Source: Thespruce

Coreopsis does well in zones 4-9. It produces pink, orange, red, and yellow flowers. You can grow it in well-draining, sandy soil, under full sun to partial shade.

#17 Cuphea

Source: Gardeningexpress

Cuphea grows well in zone 8. It shows off hot, fiery red flowers, that the plant produces throughout the summer. It is a heat and drought-tolerant plant.

#18 Mexican Petunia

Source: Gardenia

Mexican Petunia grows in zones 9-11. It is a low-maintenance and sun-loving perennial. It has beautiful pink, blue, white petunia-like flowers, throughout the summer. It prefers full sun or partial shade in moist soil.

#19 Sanchezia

Source: Indoorplants

Sanchezia grows in zones 10a-11. It has colorful foliage that comes in cream, gold, or white color. It also produces beautiful yellow flowers from orange bracts in spring, summer, and fall. It favors growing in the shade or partial shade.

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#20 Butterfly Bush

Source: Marthastewart

Butterfly Bush grows in zones 5-10. It is a fragrant plant that features long spikes of colorful, nectar-rich pink, blue, purple, yellow flowers. It is a drought-tolerant plant and disease-free. It loves growing in a sunny spot with 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.

#21 Evolvulus

Source: Bhg

Evolvulus grows well in zones 8-11. It produces ocean-blue flowers with blue-green foliage. You can grow this plant in an area with 6-8 hours of direct sun or in partial shade.

#22 Scaevola

Source: Gardeningwithangus

Scaevola does well in planting zones 10-11. It features pink, blue, or white flowers and cascading branches. You can grow it in hanging baskets, window boxes, or containers.

#23 Pentas

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Pentas grows in zones 10-11 and can achieve 18-36 inches long. It forms bright, star-shaped flowers, during the entire summer, in bold shades of purple, red, white, pink, or purple. It prefers a sunny spot, where it gets 5-6 hours of bright light.

#24 Shooting Star

Source: Southernliving

Shooting Star grows well in zone 9a and can reach up to 3-4 feet tall and wide. It commands attention by producing star-shaped purple flowers, and glossy green leaves. wide.

#25 Firebush

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Firebush grows in zones 9-10 and can reach up to 8-10 feet tall. It is a tropical flowering shrub that exhibits tube-shaped orange and yellow-colored flowers. Grow it in full sun for best flowering, it also does well in partial shade.

#26 Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia

Source: Littleprinceplants

Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia is a winter-flowering shrub and does well in zones 9-11. From fall till spring, the plant forms beautiful red-orange blossoms. It favors growing in partial shade, well-draining, and moist soil.

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