26 Beautiful Pink and White Flowers To Perk Up Your Landscaping

To add some color and vibrancy to your landscaping, pink and white flowers boasting delicate pastel petals are a great option. These flowers are not only visually stunning but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space. Here are 26 of the most beautiful pink and white flowers to consider for your landscaping.
26 Beautiful Pink and White Flowers To Perk Up Your Landscaping
No matter which pink and white flowers you choose for your landscaping, they are sure to bring a touch of beauty and elegance to your outdoor space. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect ones to add some color and beauty to your landscaping. You can mix and match different flowers to create a unique and stunning display that will impress all who see it. Whether you’re planting a small container garden or a large outdoor space, these flowers are sure to make a stunning addition to your outdoor decor.

#1 Bleeding Heart

Source: onsuttonplace

#2 Forget Me Not- Rose Pink

Source: theseedcollection

#3 Amore Petunia

Source: kellogggarden

#4 Stargazer Lily

Source: preen

#5 Raspberry Strudel Passionflower

Source: snowdropfarm

#6 Muscadet

Source: thelilygardenplantly

#7 Samantha Rose Lily

Source: garden

#8 Pink Grand Crinum Lily

Source: finegardening

#9 Zinfin Doll

Source: springmeadownursery

#10 Sweet William

Source: thespruce

#11 Cinderella Rose

Source: Dawn Rayner

#12 Ballade Tulip

Source: pinterest

#13 Susan Weber Daylily

Source: pinterest

#14 Pink Octopus Bellflower

Source: lowes

#15 Pink Lily of the Valley

Source: easytogrowbulbs

#16 Cyclamen Persicum

Source: gardendesign

#17 Fringed Family Tulip

Source: freepik

#18 Clematis

Source: hamptonnursery

#19 Mountain Woodsorrel

Source: wcbotanicalclub

#20 Sweetheart Hoya

Source: williamsmagical

#21 ‘Little Mermaid’ Cattleya Orchid

Source: orchidroots

#22 Fuchsia ‘La Campanella’

Source: gardenexpress

#23 White Pink Picotee Tuberous Begonia

Source: easytogrowbulbs

#24 Viola x wittrockiana ‘WonderFall’

Source: plants

#25 Pink Amaryllis

Source: lowes

#26 Mariette Tulip

Source: gardenia

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