25 Vegetables That Grow Well In Shade

As you know, almost every plant needs sunlight to grow, but there are also plants that grow well in the shade. So, if you find your gardening areas have more shade, you can still have an excellent growing season by planting vegetables that grow in the shade, you don’t need to let those spots go to waste and bare.
25 Vegetables That Grow Well In Shade
And here is the list of the 25 Vegetables That Grow Well in Shade as well as offer a nice variety to your garden both in flavor and in visual beauty. Not just that they absolutely do not need to take care too much. You just need to give them enough moisture in the soil, nutrient-rich soil, good drainage conditions without being waterlogged. That is all that they need to grow well and give a productive harvest. And you will have your favorite vegetables to cook into delicious dishes on daily meals. We hope you will find some veggies below to grow this year.

#1 Collard Greens

Source: Groworganic

#2 Brussels Sprouts

Source: Simplifylivelove

#3 Lettuce

Source: Thespruce

#4 Peas

Source: Istock

#5 Bok Choi

Source: Gardenerspath

#6 Rutabaga

Source: Homedepot

#7 Mustard Greens

Source: Harvesttotable

#8 Endive

Source: Growingwithplants

#9 Radish

Source: Masterclass

#10 Beets

Source: Gardenerspath

#11 Spinach

Source: Gardeningknowhow

#12 Cauliflower

Source: Britannica

#13 Scallions

Source: Bunnings

#14 Broccoli

Source: Familyfoodgarden

#15 Celery

Source: Goodhousekeeping

#16 Leeks

Source: Thespruce

#17 Swiss Chard

Source: Almanac

#18 Cabbage

Source: Yates

#19 Rhubarb

Source: Tasteofhome

#20 Kohlrabi

Source: Harvesttotable

#21 Turnips

Source: Thisismygarden

#22 Kale

Source: Gardenerspath

#23 Parsnip

Source: Rhs

#24 Potatoes

Source: Ravallirepublic

#25 Carrots

Source: Gardeningtips

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