25 Utterly Clever Projects to Reuse Old Wheels in Your Garden

When bicycle or wagon tires wear out and are seen as irreparable damage, you wonder what shall you do with your old wheels. Well, you could recycle them and also upcycle them. Check out 25 Utterly Clever Projects to Reuse Old Wheels In Your Garden to get your own inspiration! These DIY projects can help you to give them a second life totally unexpected and awesome. And you will find the good old wheel here for sure.
25 Utterly Clever Projects to Reuse Old Wheels to Your Garden
Your old wheels are normally thrown out or at the very least end up sitting around in the garage or yard collecting dust, making your yard look cluttered, try making these ideas wonderful ways instead. They not only can be repurposed to protect your environment but also give you great exterior decoration. Recycling has never been easier – just see for yourself with these ideas below!

#1 Make A Stained Glass Garden Spinner

Source: David’s Yard Art & Succulents

#2 A Front Yard Decoration

Source: Valerie Crosbie

#3 Hanging Baskets on Wheel

Source: Becky Baxa

#4 A Small Landscaping with Wheel

Source: Erika Redding

#5 A Recycled Wheel Idea with Welcome Sign

Source: Christy Steward

#6 Yard Corner Decoration

Source: Lianne Pohlman

#7 Add A Garden Gate

Source: Countryliving

#8 A Raised Garden Bed Growing Succulents

Source: Pinterest

#9 A Fairy Garden Idea

Source: Outlook

#10 Painted Wheels

Source: Linda

#11 Bicycle Wheel Windmill

Source: Instructables

#12 A Snowman Idea

Source: Betterphoto

#13 An Outdoor Wind Chime

Source: Bikeportland

#14 Fence Garden Art

Source: Benita Tiernan

#15 A Hanging Colorful Wheel

Source: JanHarmsgat se Agterplaas

#16 A Rusty Flower

Source: Flickr

#17 Bright Painted Flowers

Source: Jenn Coffman

#18 Bicycle Wheel ‘threaded’ With Glass Plates

Source: Kathleen Neal

#19 A Garden Sculpture Made From Bottles and Wheels

Source: Hometalk

#20 Outdoor Wall Art Idea

Source: Boredart

#21 A Vertical Flower Garden

Source: Mabel

#22 Beaded Bicycle Wheel Sun Catcher

Source: Marlo keith

#23 Colorful Trellis

Source: Kirsten Tuz

#24 Use Wheels To Make Eyes for “Man”

Source: Unsplash

#25 Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Wreath

Source: Simplychictreasures

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