25 Upcycling Old Cloth Ideas for Your Next Garden Projects

To create a colorful and unique garden quilt, consider upcycling old clothing! Instead of throwing away clothes that are no longer wearable, repurpose them into something new and useful for your outdoor space. Cut old t-shirts, dresses, or other fabric into squares or rectangles and sew them together in a patchwork pattern. Here are 25 Upcycling Old Cloth Ideas for Your Next Garden Projects to help you get started!
25 Upcycling Old Cloth Ideas for Your Next Garden Projects
They can be used as a cozy picnic blanket or a decorative cover for your garden bench. Or transform your old jeans into a sturdy and stylish planter. Cut the legs off at the desired length and stitch the bottom closed. Add soil and plants, and hang them from a fence or wall for a charming vertical garden. Not only will you be reducing waste and saving money, but you’ll also add a personal touch to your outdoor space.

#1 Hanging Vertical Herb Garden

Source: refinery29

#2 DIY Fabric Vegetable Basket

Source: liagriffith

#3 DIY Garden Tool Bag

Source: pinterest

#4 Tie-Dyed T-Shirts Turned Easy DIY Boho Hanging Planter

Source: jenniferperkins

#5 Whimsical Container Garden

Source: hgtv

#6 Hanging Tie Planter

Source: instructables

#7 Denim Flower Vase

Source: cfabbridesigns

#8 Denim Tablecloth

Source: Noa

#9 Denim Garland Fence Decor

Source: etsy

#10 4th of July Porch Decorating Idea

Source: homedit

#11 Cheap Picnic Mat

Source: pinterest

#12 Denim Scraps Flower Pot

Source: hometalk

#13 DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Source: crazylaura

#14 A Backyard Shady Spot

Source: emmalinebride

#15 Tin Can Windsock Made With Colorful Fabrics

Source: pinterest

#16 Happy October Decoration

Source: calypsointhecountry

#17 Blue Jean Rug

Source: upcyclemystuff

#18 Make Outdoor Garden Privacy Screen

Source: Kim Sullivanny

#19 DIY Denim Waistband Cushion

Source: favecrafts

#20 Outdoor Chair

Source: myzerowaste

#21 A Lovely Scarecrow

Source: Nathalia Maria Campos

#22 An Outstanding Garden Decoration

Source: Simone Stork

#23 Halloween Decor

Source: Deb Geary

#24 DIY Outdoor Table

Source: Javi AM

#25 A Unique Garden Fence

Source: Janet Mire LeBlanc

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