25 Impressive Tree Stump Garden Decorations

If you enjoy decorating and landscaping your garden, we are so glad to present some great ideas that great will suit your outdoor space. Maybe you found many pieces of furniture that can be made from big trees such as dining tables, chairs, cabinets, and more. What about those tree stumps? They can be reused as stunning garden decorations and incorporated into your flowers, vegetables, and plants in the garden.
25 Impressive Tree Stump Garden Decorations
These ideas will not only be an inexpensive investment but also will provide active participation and then help you enjoy the end result. They are the perfect mix of stunning and originality to uplift your garden. Of course, if you wanna change them, you may paint them or add cushions on top. Now take a look below, maybe you will find some great ideas that you can apply in your garden!

#1 Cute Faces

Source: Brenda Rolfs

#2 A Small Landscaping with Gnome House

Source: Instagram

#3 Decorate Tree Stump with Flower Baskets

Source: Marek Marecki

#4 A Creative Planter with A Small Rock Landscape

Source: Snow White 084

#5 A Fairy Garden

Source: Chris Pfahl

#6 Outdoor Solar Lighting

Source: Urbangardensweb

#7 A Natural Pot with Spilled Flowers

Source: Diyncrafts

#8 A Simple Garden Art

Source: Wendy Cornett

#9 Flower Planter Idea

Source: Sharon MacDonald

#10 DIY Candle Holders with Old Tree Stump

Source: Pinterest

#11 Turn Your Stump into a Birdhouse

Source: Etsy

#12 Another Fairy Garden

Source: Pinterest

#13 A Small Flower Garden with Tree Stump

Source: Mary White

#14 A Man Tree

Source: Flickr

#15 A Bird Feeder Idea

Source: Coolcreativity

#16 A Free Library

Source: Yardandgarage

#17 An Outdoor Stump Shelf

Source: Pinterest

#18 A Tree is Blooming!

Source: Pinterest

#19 A Painted Tree Stump

Source: Susan Thomas

#20 A Spilled Idea

Source: Linda Line

#21 An Old Tree Stump with Flower Pots

Source: Deborah Mallery

#22 Gnome House

Source: Paul Haberstroh

#23 A Flower Planter

Source: Holly Pickell

#24 Lovely Tree Stump

Source: Lushome

#25 A Small Succulent Planter

Source: Lora Weinstock

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