25 Houseplants That Look Great When Grown in Macramé Plant Hangers

If you are wondering how to enhance the beauty of indoor plants look best, then macramé plant hangers are a stylish and popular choice! These hanging plant holders are not only functional but also add a decorative touch to your home decor. To make your macramé plant hangers even more eye-catching, consider pairing them with houseplants that look great when grown in them. Also, Macramé plant hangers are quite easy to make to give a stunning look to your space
25 Houseplants That Look Great When Grown in Macramé Plant Hangers
Here are the 25 best Indoor Plants to Grow in Macramé Plant Hangers to create visual interest! These plants are not only beautiful but also easy to care for and grow well in macramé plant hangers. With the right selection of houseplants, you can create a stunning and unique display that will enhance the beauty of your living space. This way, you can hang houseplants anywhere in the room!

#1 String of Hearts

Source: hearthandvine

The String of Hearts displays cute and small heart-shaped leaves that dangle beautifully in ceramic pots hung on macrame hangers

#2 Airplants

Source: livelyroot

No need to soil for growth, this plant can be grown well in a pot and hung on a macrame hanger.

#3 Swiss Cheese Plant

Source: housebeautiful

Swiss Cheese Plant offers heart-shaped dark green leaves with cuts that look stylish, making this plant looks great in any large macrame hanger.

#4 Marble Queen

Source: livetrends

The white-green leaves of this plant can bring an extra dimension to the interior of your home and also attract all eyes of visitors to your home

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#5 Heart Leaf Plant

Source: reddit

As the name indicates, this plant shows off heart-shaped green leaves, looking it exquisite in macrame hangers.

#6 Button Fern

Source: Sheena Marie Decor

This plant is known for its button-like leaves, hence the name. It looks stunning in a medium macrame hanger.

#7 English Ivy

Source: mytastefulspace

This evergreen plant looks excellent in the macrame plant hangers. It bears variegated leaves and a trailing growth pattern.

#8 Chinese Money Plant

Source: instagram

Chinese Money Plant with its small and round leaves looks great little pots hanging with the help of macrame planters.

#9 Tradescantia

Source: reddit

This low-maintenance plant has two-toned striped leaves making it ideal for macrame hangers to enjoy its colorful look.

#10 String of Buttons

Source: fancytigercrafts

This easy-to-grow plant can be hung in a macrame planter to show off its stacked leaves on top of each other.

#11 Birds Nest Fern

Source: wayfair

Birds Nest Fern has a better look when hung on a macrame hanger. It prefers to grow in bright, indirect light.

#12 String of Pearls

Source: bibliotheca

The string of Pearls is a great candidate for an amazing look in hanging baskets and macrame hangers.

#13 Burro’s Tail

Source: instagram

Burro’s Tail showcases lance-shaped, overlapping leaves that come in a gray-green color, making it so beautiful when looking at it.

#14 Spider Plant

Source: crocus

Placing a pretty green-white spider plant in a macrame hanger is a great way to liven up the look of your wall.

#15 String of Beads

Source: petitsoleilstudio

The string of Beads forms oval, bead-shaped, plumpy leaves, making it look spectacular, cascading down from the hanging macrame planters.

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#16 Satin Pothos

Source: etsy

The trailing plant looks terrific when hung in a macrame hanger due to the velvety, silver-splashed variegated leaves.

#17 Asparagus Fern

Source: etsy

Asparagus Fern is a perfect choice thanks to full of its lush green fronds, which truly match really well with a white macrame hanger.

#18 Golden Pothos

Source: reddit

Golden Pothos is a beautiful trailing plant that bears heart-shaped variegated leaves. It looks adorable in a macrame plant hanger.

#19 Haworthia

Source: etsy

Haworthia is a beautiful succulent, it offers thick fleshy leaves that look lovely when placed in a small pot housed in a macrame hanger.

#20 Cactus

Source: pinterest

This low-maintenance plant gives a fancy look when placed in a macrame hanger.

#21 Boston Fern

Source: pinterest

Boston Fern is a popular plant with dense green leaves. It looks great in macrame hangers.

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