25 Common Houseplants That Can Be Grown Well In Vases

Whether you want to display the beauty of cutting flowers or propagating plants, a vase is one of the great choices for both. When it comes to enjoying the beauty of flowers or propagating plants from cuttings, a vase will do well in its mission to give you a stunning look. What’s more, it can save your space, especially in small spaces. You just immerse the nodes or the end of the stems in the water, add some pebbles for decoration, and you are done!
25 Common Houseplants That Can Be Grows Well In Vases
And in the article, we will share the 25 Common Houseplants That Can Be Grown Well In Vases. Instead of growing them in the soil in pots, you can watch their beauty in the water with vases without making dirty your clothes. Not just that, you don’t need to care about them much like in soil as well as can be avoided some pest or disease houseplants. Instead, you just keep changing the water regularly to control the attack of bacteria as well as give a look cleaner.

#1 Pothos

Source: Dengarden

Pothos has heart-shaped green and white leaves that make it looks great in vases. Give it minimal care and indirect light for growth.

#2 Watermelon Peperomia

Source: Leafandpaw

Watermelon Peperomia has thick and bushy foliage to display its beauty in a glass vase.

#3 Purple Heart Plant

Source: Creativejewishmom

Purple Heart Plant has deep purple leaves with delicate and tiny pink flowers makes it looks attractive to grow in vases.

#4 Chinese Money Plant

Source: Unknow

Chinese Money Plant is a great plant to grow in vases and place on windowsills and small tables.

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#5 Begonia

Source: Balconygardenweb

Begonia showcases thick leaves and alluring flowers. Plus, it can be grown well in a vase with a single leaf.

#6 Lucky Bamboo

Source: Thespruce

Lucky Bamboo is an easy-to-maintain plant that can grow well in any condition, so a vase also is a great idea to grow this plant.

#7 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Marthastewart

Chinese Evergreen has beautiful foliage with bright colors, you can put its cuttings in a vase transfer them to the pot when they appear roots.

#8 Monstera

Source: Mygift

Monstera displays unique cut foliages that look excellent in a vase.

#9 Coleus

Source: Jenniferrizzo

Coleus does well both in vases and glass jars to show off the serrated foliage of the coleus plant makes.

#10 Peace Lily

Source: Michaels

Peace Lily looks gorgeous in vases with the combination of its white and green leaves.

#11 Cordyline

Source: Gardentags

Cordyline looks great when grown in water in tall narrow vases.

#12 Hosta

Source: Balconygardenweb

Hosta has many different sizes, textures, and colors. You just place its cutting in a vase and see the plant grows best.

#13 Alocasia

Source: Pinterest

Alocasia has arrow-shaped leaves of alocasia that look great in glass vases.

#14 Dracaena

Source: Houseplantcentral

Dracaena has sword-like leaves on slender gray stems that look beautiful when placed in a tall vase.

#15 Spider Plant

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Spider Plant is a popular plant that can grow both indoors and outdoors. You just cut the plantlets and put them in the vase to watch the beauty.

#16 Dumb Cane

Source: Butterfliesandbaubles

Dumb Cane showcases large and variegated leaves that look stunning in tall and transparent vases.

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#17 Arrowhead Plant

Source: Carousell

Arrowhead Plant grows fast in a vase if placed in bright light.

#18 Wandering Jew

Source: Plantsbank

Wandering Jew plant displays purple-colored and variegated varieties look smashing in vases.

#19 Geranium

Source: Gardenerspath

Geranium shows off bright pink flowers but just requires minimal care. You can grow it a plant from its cuttings.

#20 Anthurium

Source: Anthuriuminfo

Anthurium has colorful bracts with its dark green foliage, you can grow it in a glass vase in the water.

#21 Philodendron

Source: Instructables

There are many Philodendron species including climbers and non-climbers. The Heart-leaf looks great in vases.

#22 Snake Plant

Source: Decoist

Snake Plant puts out tall variegated leaves that give an amazing look when place in a glass vase.

#23 English Ivy

Source: Pasteldwelling

English Ivy looks attractive in a vase with its flexible stems dangling down.

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