24 Most Fragrant Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

If you are in love with the calming aroma of nature, you are landed in the right place. This list of beautiful flowers today not only gives you stunning landscaping but also emits pleasant fragrances that will have your yard smelling heavenly all time. Not just that, they will give you have a green environment and close to nature. Enjoying beautiful flowers every day is a perfect way to help you relax after stressful working hours. Are you ready to explore their beauty?
24 Most Fragrant Flowers To Grow In Your Garden
Giving them a look, you will see that each has its own beauty to bring different feelings when enjoying them. These fragrant flowers are as diverse in size and shape as they are in scent. Some bloom in petal clusters, others with bold individual blossoms. Whether you choose to grow any type, all are so perfect! It’s time to enhance your outdoor space by start planting one or two of them outside your door or along your walkway to make the most of their scent.

#1 Viburnum

Source: Crocus

Viburnum has beautiful foliage and excellent fragrant flowers. In spring and summer, it blooms in clusters of white fluffy flowers with a sweet and spicy fragrance.

#2 Lilac

Source: Thespruce

Lilac is an excellent cut flower with a sweet-smelling fragrance. Its blooming time is in spring and summer.

#3 Jasmine

Source: Gilmour

Jasmine all are the most fragrant flowers in the world with a strong and sweet scent.

#4 Magnolia

Source: Indefenseofplants

Magnolia displays cream-colored flowers with a sweet fragrance.

#5 Tuberose

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Tuberose puts off tube-like blossoms with a sweet scent. It will bloom in hot tropical spring and summer.

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#6 Rose

Source: Pixabay

Rose not only produces charming flowers but also gives out a mild and pleasing scent.

#7 Honeysuckle

Source: Gardenersworld

Honeysuckle showcases a cluster of tiny flowers that emit inviting fruity fragrances like vanilla that can attract honey visit to your garden.

#8 Angel’s Trumpet

Source: Thespruce

Angel’s Trumpet offers trumpet-like creamy-orange flowers that ooze a sweet and strong aroma at the onset of dusk.

#9 Freesia

Source: Gardendesign

Freesia has a charming fruity fragrance that is pleasing for the senses.

#10 Sweet Autumn Clematis

Source: Plantaddicts

Sweet Autumn Clematis features perfumed white flowers that bloom in clusters and give it a silvery appearance. The sweet vanilla scent oozes out and spread a soft coolness all around. Its blooming time is from late summer to autumn.

#11 Daphne

Source: Hopesgrovenurseries

Daphne has an alluring fragrance, thanks to its sweet and spicy fragrance. It’s a winter plant and loves coolness.

#12 Gardenia

Source: Petalrepublic

Gardenia bears big milky white flowers with magical fragrance.

#13 Scented Primrose

Source: Thespruce

Scented Primrose herald the arrival of spring with colorful flowers, beautiful foliage, and a mild fruity aroma.

#14 Vanilla Spice

Source: Hirts

Vanilla Spice has sweetly fragrant white flowers. It is easy to maintain and also attracts bees and butterflies.

#15 Night Scented Stocks

Source: Seedpantry

Night Scented Stocks has an intoxicating perfume like a lily.

#16 Plumeria

Source: Floraqueen

Plumeria is a subtropical or tropical flower related to oleander. Its flowers are softly fragrant in the daytime and intensify at night.

#17 Spice Baby Viburnum

Source: Gardenia

Spice Baby Viburnum shows off magnificent white blooms in clusters with rich and spicy vanilla-like fragrance.

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#18 Lily of the Valley

Source: Petalrepublic

Lily of the Valley blooms in spring with cute bell-like white or pale, pink flowers that spread their floral type fragrance in the whole area.

#19 Ylang-Ylang

Source: Florihana

Ylang-Ylang blooms profusely year-round, pouring a slightly fruity floral scent to the surroundings.

#20 Mock Orange

Source: Thespruce

Mock Orange blooms in summer and emits a pleasant orange-like scent that is refreshing like mint.

#21 Puakenikeni

Source: Flickr

Puakenikeni displays small cream-white flowers that get a yellow hue over time with a sweet fragrance.

#22 Hyacinth

Source: Thespruce

Hyacinth comes in red, white, blue, and more, hyacinths are appealing for the eyes. Its fragrance resembles a combination of strawberry and honeysuckle.

#23 Nicotiana

Source: Gardensillustrated

Nicotiana brings small tubular flowers to open in the noon and ooze out lily-like intense fragrance.

#24 Sweet Osmanthus

Source: Gardenia

Sweet Osmanthus carries a sweet apricot-like fragrance.

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