24 Flowering Vines To Give Your Garden Shade

Summer is such a wonderful time with the perfect weather for spending time outdoors with family and friends. The fresh air and the fragrance of summer flowers are just everyone’s favorite things ever. However, on scorching summer days, a shady garden is a need for every family. To help you choose the right plants that will give your garden a lush space with shade, our list here presents you with different options you can grow easily.
24 Flowering Vines To Give Your Garden Shade
Planting these plants will help create an outdoor living room. Some flowering vines are fast-growing plants that do double duty by creating even more shade! Furthermore, these shade-friendly flowering vines come in a variety of beautiful petal colors to shine your outdoor space. Also, there are some vines that respond well to trimming so you can keep them in check. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites and grow some for your garden now!

#1 Confederate Jasmine

Source: Birdsandblooms

#2 Passion Flower

Source: Reddit

#3 Climbing Hydrangea

Source: Merrifieldgardencenter

#4 Evergreen Clematis

Source: Davisla.wordpress

#5 Sweet Pea

Source: Flickr

#6 Butterfly Pea

Source: Iplantz

#7 Roses

Source: Frenchbeautymark

#8 Japanese Hydrangea Vine

Source: Plants.newgarden

#9 American Potato Bean

Source: Northernbushcraft

#10 Crimson Glory Vine

Source: Traveltalk

#11 Sweet Autumn Clematis

Source: Txmg

#12 Kadsura Vine

Source: Onlineplantguide

#13 Butterfly Vine

Source: Plantanswers

#14 Nepalese Paper Plant

Source: Candide

#15 Sausage Vine

Source: Gardeningexpress

#16 Emerald Gaiety Euonymus

Source: Nova

#17 Blue Trumpet Vine

Source: Istockphoto

#18 Wisteria

Source: Landscapedesignbylee

#19 Variegated Magnolia Vine

Source: Beautifulgardener

#20 Variegated Kiwi Vine

Source: Bambooplants

#21 Dutch Honeysuckle

Source: Gardenerspath

#22 Chocolate Vine

Source: Worldoffloweringplants

#23 English Ivy

Source: Gardenersworld

#24 Bleeding Heart

Source: Waltersgardens

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