24 Beautiful Flowers That Bloom All Year Round

Do you want to own a beautiful garden full of flowers all year round? Certainly yes, right? A great garden is a perfect place not only to relax but also to help you merge with nature. So, in the post today, we are so glad to share the 24 Beautiful Flowers That Bloom All Year Round that you will fall in love with and your neighbor will envy. It’s time to check them out with us.
24 Beautiful Flowers That Bloom All Year Round
Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis, Clitoria Ternatea, Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, Catharanthus Roseus, Rosa, and more, all of them will transform your courtyard into a vibrant colorful oasis. While some displays stunning flowers for a visual delight, others also emit pleasing fragrances that not only help you relax but also attract beneficial insects making your garden more varied. Whether you grow any type of flowers, you will create a range of colors, shapes, and fragrances. Keep reading and choose some to grow in your garden now!

#1 Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis

Source: Plantingman

Hibiscus comes in colorful, lovely flowers in the shades of white, yellow, and red that make it become an ornamental addition to your garden by blossoming year-round.

#2 Clitoria Ternatea

Source: Wikiwand

Clitoria Ternatea displays large flowers in the shades of cobalt blue and white.

#3 Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

Source: Gardenersworld

The Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana belongs to the succulent family that has green leaves and small pretty flowers. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors to add a colorful hue to your living space.

#4 Catharanthus Roseus

Source: Pixabay

Catharanthus Roseus is is an evergreen plant and looks amazing in the garden. It resists drought well and grows easily in a variety of environmental conditions. You can grow it to avoid erosion in the garden.

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#5 Rosa

Source: Springmeadownursery

Rosa blooms fragrant flowers and comes in a wide variety of color tones. There are many varieties you can buy and grow in your garden.

#6 Plumeria Rubra

Source: Freepik

Plumeria Rubra blooms fragrant and beautiful colors in a variety of shades to add a vibe to your garden.

#7 Verbena Hybrida

Source: Mooncare

Verbena Hybrida features in the shades of rose, purple, lavender, pink, blue, and white that bloom year-round.

#8 Lantana Camara

Source: Thespruce

Lantana Camara shows off white, yellow, orange, pink, and red in clusters. This tropical and evergreen shrub grows happily in well-draining soil and warm climates.

#9 Tagetes

Source: Dengarden

Tagetes offers bright yellow flowers that will add a hue of sunshine to your garden.

#10 Allamanda Cathartica

Source: Gardenia

Allamanda Cathartica puts off green leaves with trumpet-shaped yellow flowers. However, it also produces a poisonous milky sap, so you should keep your children and pets away from it.

#11 Mussaenda Erythrophylla

Source: Researchgate

Mussaenda Erythrophylla is an evergreen shrub that blooms in a wide range of colors including red, yellow, white, and pink.

#12 Bougainvillea Glabra

Source: Sundaypost

Bougainvillea Glabra gives stunning and bright flowers all year round with need less care. It can be grown in small spaces like containers, or in trellis, even as a ground cover.

#13 Thunbergia Erecta

Source: Plantnet

Thunbergia Erecta showcases eye-catching purple-blue flowers with a white tube.

#14 Nymphaea

Source: Thespruce

Nymphaea produce elegant flowers that add magical and tropical touch to the look of any outdoor space. If you have a small pond, let’s try growing this flower.

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#15 Jasminum

Source: Gardenloversclub

Jasminum is an evergreen and perennial shrub that blooms stunning flowers with mesmerizing fragrance.

#16 Plumbago Indica

Source: Tom-piergrossi.squarespace

Plumbago Indica displays sky blue colors flowers and bright green leaves that will add a unique vibe to your outdoor space.

#17 Adenium Obesum

Source: Gardenersworld

Adenium Obesum is a gorgeous flowering plant for both indoors and outdoors and is ideal for bonsai gardens.

#18 Nerium Oleander

Source: Atozflowers

Nerium Oleander emits a soothing fragrance with delightful flowers blooming in clusters.

#19 Mirabilis Jalapa

Source: Plantsam

Mirabilis Jalapa blooms red, white, yellow, and pink trumpet-shaped flowers throughout the year. The flowers also have a pleasing fragrance.

#20 Crossandra Infundibuliformis

Source: Thespruce

Crossandra Infundibuliformis is an amazing perennial flower that bears orange and red color flowers. Not only growing outdoors but you also can grow this plant indoors

#21 Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum

Source: Plantsam

Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum produces simple, yet elegant white and pink flowers. You can grow it in containers and garden flower beds to have great look for the landscaping.

#22 Euphorbia Milii

Source: Gardenbeast

The perennial shrub shows off green leaves and pretty tiny flowers that you can enjoy throughout the year.

#23 Tibouchina Urvilleana

Source: Gardenia

Tibouchina Urvilleana displays stunning purple, fluorescent flowers, and green, glossy leaves.

#24 Ixora Coccinea

Source: Maxpixel

The plant comes in delightful red, yellow, and bright orange shades. You can grow it easily without any extra care or maintenance.

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