23 Gorgeous Orchid Display Ideas

An orchid arrangement adds stunning beauty to any space in your house, whether it is in spotless white or one of the most breathtaking exotic colors. I enjoy putting orchids on display here at our home, especially in the summer. When purchased, orchid arrangements can be fairly expensive, but they are really simple to assemble yourself using your favorite container and store-bought orchid plants.

Want to expand your collection of orchids but are unsure how because the house area is already full? Not to worry! To help orchid collectors display their collections while saving space, we came up with 23 orchid hanging solutions. To create suitable planting spaces for orchids, the majority of them employ planters, pots, and wooden materials. Since it is indoors, you may hang it in the living room, in the backyard, or even close to the dining table. Additionally, individuals who favor outdoor orchid displays might set up an orchid nook or even hang pots with orchids on the trees you grow in your yard. They are also excellent for adorning your balcony or patio. Interested? Check out the gorgeous orchid planter designs we have below!

#1. Mix With Other Plants

Source: House Beautiful

#2. Mix Different Orchid Species And Colors

Source: Garden Gate Magazine

#3. Put Them In Big Planters

Source: xyzAsia

#4. Along The Pathway

Source: Orchids Garden of the East

#5. Grow Them In Line

Source: Pinterest

#6. Hang Them On The Pergola As A Natural Canopy

Source: 123RF

#7. They Love Big Trees

Source: Lushome

#8. Hang Them On Porch

Source: Your Orchid Questions

#9. Create A Up On Sky Garden

Source: Lushome

#10. It’s Easy To Create A Vertical Garden

Source: Instructables

#11. Make An Orchid Wall

Source: Reddit

#12. Have A Shelf To Display

Source: Reddit

#13. Make Use Of The Old Log

Source: Pinterest

#14. Wooden Pallets Make The Orchids More Extinguish

Source: Pinterestf

#15. An Outdoor Wall

Source: Pinterest

#16. Put Them In Pots

Source: Gardener’s Path

#17. Turn It Into A Chandelier

Source: Gardening and Gardens

#18. With Cute Hanging Baskets

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

#19. Knitting Helps

Source: iStock

#20. A Phal On Grapewood

Source: Reddit

#21. Mounting Orchids

Source: ars-projekt.pl

#22. They Love Living In The Windowsill

Source: Pinterest

#23. Display In Glass Container

Source: How Did You Make This?

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