23 Easy Ways to Re-makeover Your Plant Pots Look So Wow

After being used for a long time, your plant pots will be older and older, making an unpleasant look to your space. Or they look dull and you want to upgrade them with dazzling designs. What are the solutions to give them a new life? You are on the right track, our article today will give you some fun and creative ways to renew them and give them a dash of personal style. They are easy to make too!
23 Easy Ways to Remakeover Your Plant Pots Look So Wow
You’ll find beautiful ideas here for kids of all ages, not only do you want to try making them but your kids also will be excited about plants and gardening. What’s more, you also make them as presents to give your parents, grandparents, teachers, and neighbors. If your one or two pots are readily available, let’s turn them into beautiful works of art.

#1 Painted Wavy Terra Cotta Planter

Source: Frankyandjdesigns

#2 Pretty Lace Flower Pots

Source: Abeautifulmess

#3 Seashell Flower Pots

Source: Marthastewart

#4 Decorating A Pot With Jute

Source: Vanessachristenson

#5 Coastal Theme Flower Pots

Source: Hometalk

#6 Drip Paint Pots

Source: Craftsbyamanda

#7 Sea Glass Planter

Source: Craftsbyamanda

#8 Clay Pot Person

Source: Breanna Saraza

#9 Roll Pot In Seed Beads

Source: Pinterest

#10 Mosaic a Terra Cotta Pot

Source: Curious

#11 Colorful Stacking Flower Pots

Source: Pinterest

#12 Create a Marbled Look

Source: Instructables

#13 Spring Moss Covered Pots

Source: Frugelegance

#14 Pretty Fabric Covered Flowerpots

Source: Hometalk

#15 Solar Light and Flower Pot Centerpiece

Source: Decoart

#16 Pretty Dog Shape Plant Pot

Source: Monika Erdmann

#17 Recycled Clay Pot Scene

Source: Pinterest

#18 Pineapple Flower Pots

Source: Hometalk

#19 Copper Planters from a Clay Pot

Source: Pinterest

#20 Rainbow Flower Pots

Source: Farmwifecrafts

#21 DIY White Washed Terracotta Pots

Source: Shegaveitago

#22 Mini Topsy Turvy Plant Tower

Source: B4andafters

#23 Nautical Rope Planter

Source: Tarynwhiteaker

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