21 Best Hanging Basket Plants For Both Outdoors And Indoors

If you want to grow your favorite flower in a special way, you are in the right place. Here are the 21 Best Hanging Basket Plants For Both Outdoors and Indoors that you will fall in love with. All flowers are easy to grow and just minimal care. That is the reason why they can be grown in many ways. And growing in a hanging basket is one of the great ways that not only give you stunning colorful blooms but is also perfect for hanging any place where you want to decorate around the home.
21 Best Hanging Basket Plants Both Outdoors And Indoors
In addition, growing these flowers in baskets will help to free your space in the garden and you will grow more different types of flowers. Let’s imagine, there’s nothing quite as captivating in a garden as look at as a full, cascading hanging basket, overflowing with color with the plants catching the sun. Not just that they also are great for gifting to your loved ones. Save them and try growing some now!

#1 Hanging Fuchsia

Source: Housebeautiful

Hanging Fuchsia is a great hanging plant for summer and grows in zones 8 to 10. Its flowers attract hummingbirds.

#2 Begonia Boliviensis

Source: Costafarms

The Begonia Boliviensis look the most alluring with its unique, angel-wing-shaped leaf. Hummingbirds also love their flowers. They grow well in planting zone 9 -11 and do best both in sun and shade them.

#3 Petunia

Source: Gardendownsouth

Petunia displays voluminous flowers that make it ideal for hanging baskets. This plant grows happily in zones 9 -11.

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#4 Oxalis Triangularis

Source: Greenarium

The leaves of Oxalis Triangularis open up during the day and close at night. It is a colorful plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Hanging the plant in a basket is the best way to add beauty to your home as well as protect your pets because it is toxic. Zones 8-11 are the ideal condition for its best growth.

#5 Nasturtium

Source: Worldoffloweringplants

Nasturtium is a low-maintenance hanging plant. It loves growing in poor soil and full sun or partial shade.

#6 Lobelia

Source: Stihl

Lobelia is a rarity in the plant world of its intense blue colors. It grows well in cooler climates and in the shade.

#7 Burro’s Tail

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Burro’s Tail belongs to the succulent family. It offers long, tail-like woven branches, which look stunning hanging from a pot or basket.

#8 Blue Bacopa

Source: News.yahoo

Blue Bacopa grows well in zone 3-8 with moisture soil. It prefers afternoon shade.

#9 String of Pearls

Source: Plants

The String of Pearls features its striking bead-like looks alone. It grows well in zones 8a to 10b and can resist drought.

#10 Diascia

Source: Quora

Diascia favors growing in full sun or partial shade, cooler temperatures, and slightly acidic, well-drained soil.

#11 Verbena

Source: Gardenerspath

Verbena has more them 250 different varieties and it is a great choice for hanging baskets. It can attract butterflies by its beautiful flowers and demands lots of sun about 8 to 10 hours per day and well-draining soil.

#12 Sweet Alyssum

Source: Bhg

Sweet Alyssum shows off elegant white blooms that emit fragrant attracting bees and butterflies, of course, human as well. It is both a heat- and drought-resistant plant.

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#13 Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Source: Caribbeangardenseed

Black-Eyed Susan Vine not only bears colorful flowers but also grows easily, even rapidly and aggressively.

#14 Strawberries

Source: Hgvt

Strawberries are also an easy plant to grow in a hanging container. It produces the flowers are pretty with a mild, pleasant smell.

#15 Pansies

Source: Bobvila

Pansies are self-seeding and easy-to-grow plants. It loves to be grown in a cooler climate.

#16 Pothos

Source: Ubuy

Pothos is one of the easiest to grow houseplants, but it also works well outdoor. Besides, it can purify the air inside your home, absorbing and removing certain chemicals and toxins.

#17 Boston Fern

Source: Flowerpower

Boston Fern grows best in a more mild climate though. Also, it needs constantly moist soil.

#18 Calibrachoa

Source: Longfellowsgreenhouses

Calibrachoa is a pretty pink plant. It grows fast and prefers well-drained soil.

#19 Scaevola Aemula “Blue Wonder”

Source: Pinterest

Scaevola Aemula “Blue Wonder” produces beautiful blue, fan-shaped flowers that look lovely in any hanging basket.

#20 Spider Plant

Source: Etsy

Spider Plant shows of yellow-and-green-hued color. You can grow it in change baskets and place it both indoors and outdoors.

#21 Ivy Geranium

Source: Agardenforthehouse

Ivy Geranium grows best in planting zones 9-11. It is a low-maintenance plant and great for hot and sunny areas. Plus, its flowers can repel flies in the summer.

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