20 Tidy Indoor Window Plant Shelf Ideas

It’s great to plant some plants on the window as they not only spruce up your window space but also add more green hue to it. You can simply grow your plants in pots and place them here. If you want to give your plants pretty cool living space on the window, just install a DIY plant shelf. Many herbs, flowers, succulents, cactus, and other beautiful houseplants thrive here.
20 Tidy Indoor Window Plant Shelf Ideas
In this post, we are glad to share the 20 Tidy Indoor Window Plant Shelf Ideas that you will fall in love with. The shelf is an excellent option to grow many different plants in the same place, it also saves you a lot of space, especially limited spaces. These interesting indoor DIY garden projects work in any window including the kitchen and the bathroom, the living room, or the bedroom. If you want to have a small pretty plant shelf right in your living space, you may also give these a try. Let’s check them out!

#1 Window Plant Shelf Display Air Plants And Others

Source: Etsy

#2 Window Plant Shelf For Small Herb

Source: Theodysseyonline

#3 Window Plant Shelf For Houseplants

Source: Hunker

#4 Window Shelf For A Green Look

Source: Land

#5 Indoor Shelf with Macrame Planters

Source: Vivadecora

#6 Window Shelf For Succulents

Source: Etsy

#7 Window Shelf For Colorful Flowers

Source: Agardenforthehouse

#8 Window Shelf For Climbing Plants

Source: Decorhomeideas

#9 Small Garden Herb On Hanging Kitchen Window

Source: Pinterest

#10 Window Shelf For Clay Potted Plants

Source: Healthhomeandheart

#11 Single Window Shelf By Hanging Vine Plants

Source: Pinterest

#12 DIY Hanging Window Shelf For Flowers And Plants

Source: Etsy

#13 Extended Indoor Window Shelf

Source: Etsy

#14 Indoor Shelf for Different Plants

Source: Homedecorimage

#15 Houseplant Display

Source: Grillo Designs

#16 Lovely Pots In A White Wooden Shelf

Source: Homemydesign

#17 Wooden Hanging Shelf for For Succulents And Indoor Plants

Source: Homemydesign

#18 Compact Window Shelf

Source: Decorhomeideas

#19 Single Wooden Kitchen Window Shelf For Plants

Source: Pinterest

#20 Window Shelf With Colorful Pots

Source: Bhg

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