20+ Outdoor Showers Stunning In Every Way

The finest beach holiday activity is probably taking a shower outside, so why not recreate the revitalizing experience of an outdoor bathroom at home? Homes with outdoor showers often list for nearly twice as much as similar properties. Houses with outdoor showers are often more valuable since they are nearer to the ocean. However, there is no harm in bringing a little bit of the beach to you.

After all, summer is almost here. What better time to start taking advantage of everything the outdoors has to offer, including showering? These 20+ stunning outdoor showers will inspire you to install one if you don’t already have one at your home.

These concepts, which range from rustic to modern, lush to minimalist, will inspire and energize you. To determine which outdoor shower you want to duplicate in your garden, let’s keep discovering below.

#1. Extend Off A Bedroom

Source: House Beautiful

#2. Build Gazebo Coverage

Source: Fine Homebuilding

#3. Plant Ivy On Trellis

Source: House Beautiful

#4. Keep It Discrete

Source: House Beautiful

#5. Think About The Sun

Source: Divine Saunas

#6. Double It Up

Source: House Beautiful

#7. Keep It Cool

Source: House Beautiful

#8. Think About How Natural It Becomes

Source: Forbes

#9. Upgrade With A Bathtub

Source: Pinterest

#10. Try A Moodier Tub Display

Source: Home Addict

#11. Redefine The Indoor Shower

Source: Decoist

#12. Approach It Like A Mudroom

Source: Rhythm of the Home

#13. Opt For A Waterfall Showerhead

Source: RenoGuide

#14. Use Fun Tiles

Source: DecorPad

#15. Set The Scenery

Source: Making HOME

#16. A Sense Of Privacy

Source: Shades of Green Permaculture

#17. Install A Direct Door

Source: Delia Designs

#18. Take It To The Roof

Source: Cottage Life

#19. Round Out The Enclosure

Source: One Kindesign

#20. Opt For Minimalism

Source: Interior Design Ideas

#21. Make It Architecturally Unique

Source: Houzz

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