20 Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Make Your Yard Brighter

A crucial component of designing a yard and garden is outdoor lighting. Along with serving utilitarian needs like illuminating stairs and garden walks for safety and to guarantee safe passage, lighting up garden items as part of your backyard ideas may also be used for various other things.

The correct fixtures or features can provide decorative accents and practical illumination for usage and safety. It may light up pathways, patios, outdoor eating areas, and architectural elements like pergolas and arbors.

Let’s use these excellent outdoor lighting ideas as your inspiration.

#1. Patio Lanterns

Source: One Kings Lane

#2. Wall Sconces

Source: 2Modern

#3. String Lighting On Fence

Source: Bob Vila

#4. Paper Lanterns

Source: Amazon.com

#5. Plant Lighting

Source: Artify Litex is headed by Manish Sachdeva carrying lighting industry experience of 17 years.

#6. Rattan Lanterns

Source: Pinterest

#7. String Lights for Trees

Source: The Spruce

#8. Solar Lantern Lighting

Source: Amazon.in

#9. Overhead lighting for seating areas

Source: Águas Vivas – Hotel Fazenda

#10. Globe Lights

Source: Twitter

#11. Path Lighting

Source: Delta Light

#12. Hemp Rope Solar Lighting

Source: Wayfair

#13. Light Canopy

Source: Lights4Fun

#14. Illuminated Steps

Source: A Quality Blog by Quality Bath

#15. Cozy Candlelight

Source: Stroyrec

#16. Fence Illumination

Source: Pinterest

#17. Illuminated Pool

Source: Shasta Pools

#18. Add Solar Lights To Every Corner

Source: Rojgar Aur Nirman

#19. Illuminate Tree Trunks

Source: SIMES Blog – SIMES S.p.A.

#20. Illuminate Planting By Integrating Lighting Into Your Borders

Source: Houzz

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