20 Cool DIY Scarecrow Ideas For a Funny Garden Look

Scarecrows are crop protectors! They aren’t only for their drive-birds-away function but they also are great for decorative value. By learning about 20 Cool DIY Scarecrow Ideas, you’ll be surprised at the amazing possibilities for scarecrows as well as enjoy a funny focal point to your yard and garden. Whatever the reason they are made, they promise to be a part of cool and fun decorations to spruce up your outdoor space.
20 Cool DIY Scarecrow Ideas For a Funny Garden Look
Apart from using a stuffed shirt and a straw hat to make a traditional scarecrow, there are a lot of materials that can be used with creativity. To make your own you thought of a few different ways, old rakes, brooms, bottles, clay pots, or even natural items like twigs, branches, logs, and more, are great alternatives. They are cheap and easy to make too! Let’s try!

#1 Scarecrow Wreath

Source: Etsy

#2 Stuff Old Clothes With Straw, Use An Old Rake For The Backbone And Head!

Source: Jenny Burr

#3 Colorful Scarecrow Made From Broom And Plastic Bottle

Source: Daniel

#4 Painted Clay Pot Scarecrow

Source: Kim Schnizlein

#5 Recycled Material Scarecrow

Source: Beverly Jacobson

#6 Twig Scarecrow

Source: Angie Hobbs

#7 Pallet Scarecrow

Source: Jennifer Kessler

#8 Rusty Tin Can Scarecrow

Source: 50plusser

#9 Old Tire Scarecrow

Source: Pinterest

#10 Painted Plastic Scarecrow

Source: Dbrooks

#11 Dry Branch Scarecrow

Source: Maryscrapoutine

#12 Simple Scarecrow Made Out Of Branches and Clay Pots

Source: Michele Bonnet

#13 Old Brooms Scarecrow

Source: Joyce Walters

#14 Coffee Can Scarecrow

Source: Janet Houston

#15 A Fence Post Scarecrow

Source: Hometalk

#16 Corn Stalk Scarecrow

Source: Noreen Mahanna

#17 Wood Scarecrow

Source: Sue Hess

#18 Log Scarecrows

Source: Carla Culatti

#19 Shutter Scarecrow

Source: Houseofhawthornes

#20 Hanging Can Scarecrow

Source: Pinterest

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