20+ Conditioner Landscaping Ideas

Nowadays, many homes come with central air conditioning as standard equipment.  But many of you want to conceal or cover the outside of the air conditioner since these large, metal boxes are not particularly appealing.

Besides adding charm to your garden, did you know that well-done air conditioner landscaping may increase the effectiveness of your condensing unit? A condensing unit is situated outside the house in addition to the evaporator that is concealed within. It loses some of its ability to disperse heat when it is placed in direct sunlight. Therefore, in order to keep the house cooler, the air conditioner must thus work more.

So do you agree that those reasons are convincing enough for you to create a conditioner screen or turn it into a vertical garden? Just such is possible with these 20+ incredible ways!

#1. Mosaic

Source: Country Living Magazine

#2. Brick

Source: Pinterest

#3. Lattice

Source: Remodelaholic

#4. Hinged Lid Enclosure

Source: The Family Handyman

#5. Two-By-Four Fence

Source: Home, Garden and Homestead

#6. Cedar Boards

Source: Country Living Magazine

#7. Many Units Need Many Fences

Source: Ashley

#8. Shutters

Source: Pinterest

#9. Artificial Hedge

Source: Energy Monster

#10. Bird House Picket

Source: Country Living Magazine

#11. Plants

Source: How To Garden Design

#12. Pallet

Source: Making Manzanita

#13. Boards

Source: Amazon.com

#14. Bamboo

Source: Max Air

#15. Flowers

Source: Home, Garden and Homestead

#16. Planter Frames

Source: How To Garden Design

#17. Well Designed With Big Size

Source: Insider

#18. Vertical Garden

Source: Pinterest

#19. Install A Shed

Source: Insider

#20. A Large Planter

Source: Insider

#21. A Can Of Paint

Source: Getty Image

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