20 Beautiful Plants For Hanging Basket

Making your own hanging basket with flowers and plants that complement your decor may be a rewarding experience. But which flowers are best suited to hanging baskets? Continue reading to learn about some of the best flowers and plants to utilize in your next hanging basket.

Choosing plants that will thrive despite the small growth space is difficult when planting flowers in a hanging basket. Fortunately, hanging basket flowers may be grown from a wide range of annual and perennial plants. We’ve discovered a few plants that grow very well in a hanging basket throughout the years and feature the best colors and blossoms that spruce up your window, the front porch or on the branch of a tree.

#1. Ferns

Source: Gardener’s Path

#2. Petunias

Source: Dreamstime.com

#3. Begonias

Source: Nature Hills Nursery

#4. Impatiens

Source: Mahoney’s Garden Centers |

#5. Fuchsia

Source: This Is My Garden

#6. Pansies

Source: DT Brown

#7. Verbena

Source: Danziger

#8. Sweet Alyssum

Source: HGTV Photo Library

#9. Calibrachoa

Source: HGTV

#10. Lobelia

Source: Bengert Greenhouses

#11. Portulaca

Source: Danziger

#12. Geraniums

Source: Branches Designs

#13. Black-eyed Susan

Source: GAP Gardens

#14. Ivy

Source: Amazon UK

#15. Sun Coleus

Source: Coleus Connection

#16. Snapdragons

Source: Swallowtail Garden Seeds

#17. Zinnias

Source: PhotoBotanic Stock Photography Garden Library – PhotoShelter

#18. Marigold

Source: GAP Gardens

#19. Dichondra

Source: Garden Crossings

#20. Creeping Jenny

Source: The Spruce

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