19 Gorgeous Evergreen Shrubs You Will Love

Evergreen shrubs are an essential part of any garden, especially in winter when fresh green foliage and distinctive shapes are a welcome sight. They can be clipped into balls, mounds, columns, and pyramids as foil to more showy plants.

Evergreen shrubs have a variety of leaf colors besides green, such as grey, purple, golden, and variegated. Many have the additional privilege of having blooms.

Evergreen shrubs are useful for foundation planting, hedges, and windbreaks. They can also be used as ground cover, and are best planted in pots. Spring or autumn is the best time to plant them, and here are 19 of our favorite evergreen shrubs to inspire you.

#1. Azalea

Source: Garden Design

#2. Bamboo

Source: Love The Garden

#3. Bay

Source: The Gardening Cook

#4. Box

Source: The Spruce

#5. Camellia Sinensis

Source: Healthline

#6. Ceanothus

Source: Gardenia.net

#7. Choisya

Source: Thompson & Morgan

#8. Daphne

Source: The Spruce

#9. Griselinia

Source: best4hedging

#10. Heather

Source: Gardening Know How

#11. Hebe

Source: Horticulture Magazine

#12. Mahonia

Source: The Guardian

#13. Olive

Source: Gurney’s

#14. Photinia

Source: Amazon UK

#15. Pittosporum

Source: Architectural Plants

#16. Yucca

Source: PlantVine

#17. Fatsia Japonica

Source: Gardening Know How

#18. Holly

Source: Plantura

#19. Pieris

Source: My Garden Plot

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