19 Beautiful Succulents That Adapt Well To Shade

When it comes to succulents, most of you will think of desert variety that loves the sun. Although there are lots of succulents that do best with some light, a few can tolerate partial shade. So, if you have low-light spaces, growing the right succulents for shade is ideal. And here are 19 Beautiful Succulents That Adapt Well To Shade you can grow them indoors or in shady corners of your garden!
19 Beautiful Succulents That Adapt Well To Shade
All of them are easy to grow, low maintenance, and showy, some can tolerate or even thrive in the garden, and some of them even produce flowers! As a general rule, their other requirements also need, most varieties still need minimal water and well-draining soil. Thanks to less evaporation in the shade, your plant only needs to water when the soil becomes fully dry out between waterings. Are you ready to learn about them?

#1 Ponytail Palm

Source: Plantz

Ponytail Palm is a hardy plant that can tolerate drought. It grows well both in sunny to partial shade. It is an impressive succulent to grow either as a houseplant or outdoor plant.

#2 Bear Paws

Source: Succulentsbox

Bear Paws have beautiful showy and furry leaves. They grow well in small pots because they rarely grow above 1 foot tall. Give them partial shade, they will become weak and leggy in deep shade.

#3 Panda Plant

Source: Thegardeningcook

Panda Plant is also known as pussy’s ear, it displays the fuzzy and fleshy texture of the foliage. It grows well in the shade and does not water frequently. Give it a couple of hours of direct sunlight or day-long indirect light.

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#4 Burro’s Tail

Source: Succulentsbox

Burro’s tail is a trailing succulent, it has lance-shaped, overlapping leaves, this succulent looks absolutely smashing in hanging baskets. It grows happily in partial shade when it gets the morning sun but also does well in full bright shade.

#5 Woodland Stonecrop

Source: Garden

Woodland Stonecrop is a shade succulent that requires less care, it can thrive in almost any condition.

#6 String of Bananas

Source: Houseplantcentral

The string of bananas is a charming succulent whose mini banana-like leaves dangle down from the shelves. If you grow it outdoors, give it in a bright shade.

#7 String of Pearls

Source: Cloudshillsucculents

The string of pearls is an excellent trailing succulent, looking beautiful on hanging baskets and spillover flower pots. It grows well in bright shades, plant it in a hanging basket to beautify any room.

#8 Jade Plant

Source: Plantsworld

Jade Plant produces round and fleshy leaves helping them retain water and tolerate neglect. If planted in ideal conditions, this plant will bring small, star-shaped flowers of pink or white. Also, it is very easy to keep and maintain indoors as it can tolerate shade.

#9 Spider Agave

Source: Planetdesert

Spider Agave is one of the best shade-tolerant agaves, it performs well in bright shades to full sun. It produces a compact structure, arching form, spineless leaves, and low height making it a great choice for containers, and rock gardens.

#10 Snake Plant

Source: Thefloweralley

Snake plants can retain water in their leaves so they just require water when the topsoil appears dry, every three weeks or so. They can grow easily in shady spots but the plant may lose its striking color in deep shade.

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#11 Wax Plant

Source: Lazyflora

Wax Plant offers light green foliage that has a vein-like pattern of dark green color along with fragrant white-burgundy flowers. This makes the climbing plant can be an impressive addition to your apartment or office. It does well in filtered sunlight and highly humid conditions.

#12 Aloe

Source: Fast-growing-tree

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular succulents with easy-to-grow properties and can also be eaten. This plant is a hardy plant that you can grow easily without a green thumb. It prefers full sun to part sun position to grow, but it can tolerate bright shade.

#13 Flaming Katy

Source: Plantura

Flaming Katy gives beautiful flowers if grown in full sun or bright spot that gets. But you can enjoy fleshy dark green foliage if you keep it in a shady place.

#14 String of Hearts

Source: Myhomenature

The string of hearts looks perfect on the hanging basket with heart-shaped variegated leaves. They are dark green, marble in silver on the upper sides, and green to purple on the undersides. It is an easy-to-care-for plant and grows best when gets a lot of indirect sunlight.

#15 Zebra Cactus

Source: Paddockplants

Zebra Cactus exhibits attractive fat foliage with striking horizontal stripes. It is a low-maintenance plant that can be grown easily both indoors and outdoors in the shade.

#16 Christmas Cactus

Source: Ruralsprout

Unlike other succulents, Christmas cactus blooms best in the sun and in the part shade as well. It bears tubular flowers of a beautiful shade of pink and lilac color. Keep in mind that only water when the soil is completely dry.

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#17 Kiwi Aeonium

Source: Thegardener

Kiwi Aeonium is a tough succulent and has a brilliant shade of red. It bears rosettes that are formed by fat spoon-like leaves and are pale yellow at the center, then will turn green outwards, near the edges. It grows well in partial shade in cool climates and full shade in warm climates.

#18 Fox Tail Agave

Source: Picturethisai

Fox Tail Agave is easy to grow and also known for its shade tolerance. It can grow up to 5 feet tall and wide. Although this plant doesn’t bloom you will enjoy its beauty with the rosette-shaped structure of its leaves.

#19 Crown of Thorns

Source: Carousell

Crown of Thorns keeps blooming all time if exposed to the full sun but it also is the best shade succulent, and you will see green leaves instead. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors.

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