18 Plants For Living Privacy Screens With A Lush Green Look

To maintain your privacy, does not have to be a hardscape fence. Its’ time to grow a living barrier with plants for your property. They are great alternatives for a natural screen that will turn your yard into a secluded retreat. They can even play a role to add lush greenery to your landscaping ideas. And here are 18 Plants For Living Privacy Screens With A Lush Green Look you can choose to grow.
18 Plants For Living Privacy Screens With A Lush Green Look
There are great options such as tall bamboo, shrub hedges, or even planting a line of evergreen trees, all can maintain their look year-round. Also, growing these plants can be way cheaper than installing a fence or other privacy structures. What’s more, their easy growth properties can adapt well to any conditions to create privacy fences with living walls.

#1 Bamboo

Source: Bamboosasite

This tropical plant is a fast-growing and low-maintenance plant that gives a beautiful look to the landscape. You can grow it to create an aesthetic living privacy screen or hedge.

#2 Climbing Rose

Source: Chron

This beautiful flower plant provides lots of color, fragrance, and beauty, making it an ideal choice for fences and hedges.

#3 Privet

Source: Thespruce

This fast-growing shrub can reach 2-3 feet each year to give you a green hedge. It also features a thick cover of sweet-scented flowers when the spring season comes. To keep it in shape, regular pruning!

#4 Evergreen Spindle

Source: 3fatpigs

Evergreen Spindle can grow up to 10-15 feet tall and forms a dense shrub. Also, you can enjoy stunning small white flowers popping against leathery leaves.

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#5 Chocolate Vine

Source: Gardeningchores

The chocolate Vine is a fast-growing plant with a thick screen of green foliage for a fence or trellis. In early summer, it offers scented purple flowers. Regular pruning as it spreads quickly.

#6 Lynwood Gold Forsythia

Source: Thespruce

This is a gorgeous plant with yellow flowers that shoot during spring. It also is a great option for a living privacy screen.

#7 Red Tip Photinia

Source: Dengarden

Red Tip Photinia is a beautiful evergreen plant with glossy leaves that grows as a fence as it provides dense coverage. To encourage plants to grow healthy and flourishing, prune them regularly

#8 Weeping Fig

Source: Mashtalegypt

When grown in groups, the weeping fig offers dense coverage, making it an excellent option for big yards and gardens. The leaves come in shades of colors from green, black, green, yellow, and variegated, depending on the variety. It grows well in full sun to partial shade.

#9 Bougainvillea

Source: Pinterest

Bougainvillea is a low-maintenance plant that shows off beautiful flowers, making it a pretty alternative to ugly fences and walls. It can be trained easily and grow fast. If you live in a cold climate, you can not grow it.

#10 Hicks Yew

Source: Plantingtree

This low-maintenance plant is a reasonable option for a living fence and privacy screen with fantastic evergreen scenery. Also, the soft green needle-like foliage and red winter berries give a pleasant look to catch the eyes.

#11 Boxwood

Source: Degroots

Boxwood can reach 18-20 feet tall to bring an interesting look with the deep green leaves. Also, there are some varieties available in variegated white and gold.

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#12 Hydrangea

Source: Plantindex

Hydrangea has many cultivars for a flowerful privacy screen and fence.

#13 Duranta

Source: Capegardencentre

During the growing season, the Duranta produces clusters of pale violet, blue, and white blooms. This tropical shrub can grow up to 18 feet in height if gets enough full sun. You can keep it small by pruning it regularly.

#14 Holly

Source: Fast-growing-trees

This holly plant can grow well in any condition, both in the tropics and temperate zones. Growing it is one of the best ways to prevent wandering wild animals. Plus, during spring, it will reward you with white flowers with red berries in the fall and winter.

#15 Cypress Trees

Source: Treetotsnursery

Cypress Trees can grow up to 3-5 feet tall per year with feathery, soft, and evergreen foliage. Growing it to create a great living fence!

#16 Azaela

Source: Gardenersoasis

Azaela looks quite charming on hedges and borders with beautiful flowers and green leaves.

#17 Red Twig Dogwood

Source: Pinterest

Red Twig Dogwood is a fast-growing and attractive shrub. It reaches 8-12 feet in height and 7-10 feet wide. In the fall, the leaves drop off and give way to a joyful thicket of bright red branches in cold weather. It can tolerate soggy soils and extreme temperatures.

#18 Juniper

Source: Courvillenursery

Juniper is a hardy evergreen that ranges in different shapes and sizes. It can grow up to 25-40 feet tall and produces needle-like leaves and green bracts, and then they turn into purple, berry-like cones.

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