18 Fast-growing Seeds To Sow For Harvesting In Just A Month

Although growing vegetables will take a long time to wait, if you want to harvest quickly, you are in the right place to get your own organic garden. In the post today, we’ve listed the 18 Fast-growing Seeds To Sow For Harvesting In Just A Month. They also are easy to grow with basic care requirements. Check them out with us!
18 Fast-growing Seeds To Sow For Harvesting In Just A Month
If you live in an apartment, you don’t have more space to grow them, you also have your own green vegetable garden right in your living space because there are some salad greens and sprouts that grow well in containers in your kitchen windowsill or benchtop. Regardless of you have a large garden or not, it isn’t the problem here. Growing them by yourself, you will have the best taste for your fresh flavors. Now, tasty and organic vegetables are ready for your favorite dishes in flash.

#1 Mustard Greens

Source: Thesurvivalgardener

Baby mustard greens can be harvested in about 12-15 days after it sprouts. Its germination time is from 4-7 days.

#2 Radish Greens

Source: Thepracticalplanter

You can start to pick radish greens when the leaves appear tender and young in about 12-15 days.

#3 Cress

Source: Harvesttotable

Cress can be picked a few leaves in 10-14 days after germination or once they are 3-4 inches tall.

#4 Turnip Greens

Source: Hgvt

Baby turnip greens are ready to be harvested in 18-20 days because they taste much milder when they are younger.

#5 Green Onions

Source: Sanmarcosrecord

You can harvest the leaves when they are young, and the tops grow about 5-6 inches tall, which usually takes 14-20 days.

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#6 Lettuce

Source: Thespruce

You can start plucking out a few leaves when the baby lettuce reaches a height of about 3 inches in two weeks after germination.

#7 Sunflower Shoots

Source: Nytimes

Sunflower Shoots start to be picked the tender and young leaves once the shoots appear in 5-12 days and grow 3-4 leaves.

#8 Pea Shoots

Source: Thespruce

You can start picking pea greens when they are at least about 4 inches tall in 2-3 weeks’ time.

#9 Baby Spinach

Source: Goodhousekeeping

You can start harvesting the sweet baby spinach leaves in about 15-18 days after germination.

#10 Celery

Source: Gardenerspath

The greens of Celery are ready to be picked after 15-18 days.

#11 Fenugreek

Source: Growwithhema

You can start harvesting Fenugreek 10-14 days after the germination of seeds.

#12 Microgreens

Source: Vegbed

Microgreens can be cut within 12-14 days from sowing.

#13 Mibuna

Source: Anniethingonline

You can start to pick The small and tender leaves of the Mibuna in 18-20 days.

#14 Rapini

Source: Capegazette

You can pick young rapini leaves when they are small and tender after 18-20 days.

#15 Arugula

Source: Gardeningknowhow

You can pick baby leaves once they reach 2-3 inches in length after 14-20 days.

#16 Beet Greens

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Beet Greens are ready to be cut the tender greens in about 15 days.

#17 Mizuna

Source: Plantinstructions

You can pick the greens of the Mizuna after 15-20 days.

#18 Pak Choi

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Pak Choi is ready to be harvested the tender baby greens within 17-20 days from sowing.

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