18 Beautiful Foundation Plants For The Front Of Your House

If you are planning to create a warm and welcoming impression, the foundation plants today will add visual interest to your home. From evergreen bushes to flowering perennials, there are many options you can choose from. Just growing some like featuring some, they will start as a way to hide the unsightly cement or blocks around the base of your home.
18 Beautiful Foundation Plants For The Front Of Your House
Giving them a look, you will see that these plants have a different unique look, size, and color that will ensure your garden stays varied, beautiful, and fragrant all time. Not just that they are easy to grow and take care of. They can grow well anywhere such as gardens, containers, or pots. Whether you don’t have time or are not good at planting, they can still exist and grow well as they can. Explore them to find some that can the perfect addition to your garden.

#1 Roses

Source: Gardenersworld

Roses is a classic bush that displays different shapes and sizes. You can find any hue from pink or red, to yellow, orange, and even shades of white, blue, or purple.

#2 Hydrangea

Source: Countryliving

Hydrangea offers showy flowers that bloom in the late summer or early fall. They come in varieties with either pink, green, blue, purple, or even white blossoms.

#3 Dwarf Lilac

Source: Gardeningexpress

Dwarf Lilac is easy to trim into stunning round shapes, and small enough to make the perfect foundation plant to line your sidewalks or add color to the front of your house.

#4 Mock Orange

Source: Gardenerspath

Mock Orange has white flowers that look and smell like those on an orange tree. Its highly fragrant blooms appear in late spring and early summer.

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#5 Juniper

Source: Gardendesign

Juniper is a common evergreen shrub and is the one that makes the best foundation plants are those that stay closer to the ground, rather than the ones that look like tall trees.

#6 Spirea

Source: Bhg

Spirea shows off pretty foliage and pink or white blossoms appearing in mid-spring.

#7 Lilies

Source: Lovethegarden

Lilies feature stunning, often fragrant, flowers that come in an array of patterns and colors. There are so many varieties that you can pick from to add artistic beauty to the front of your home.

#8 Boxwood

Source: Brighterblooms

Boxwood is one of the most common foundation shrubs that are preferred by most people for the base or backdrop for their landscaping.

#9 Iris

Source: Newengland

Iris is a romantic flower that has hundreds of species with its own colors you can choose from lavender or blue to yellow, white, pink, salmon, and dark purple. Some emit great smells.

#10 Azalea / Rhododendron

Source: Growjoy

Azalea / Rhododendron blooms flowers and bright colors in late spring. They bloom whites to pinks and shades of purple, to red, orange, and even yellow that brighten up a home’s front landscape.

#11 Hostas

Source: Waltersgardens

In late summer, hostas produce trumpet-shaped blooms and can be anywhere from pale or light purple to white.

#12 Japanese Maple

Source: Thespruce

Japanese Maple can be found either as a bush or in a small tree form. They give a great look in the fall when the leaves change from green to a vibrant red.

#13 Phlox

Source: Gardenia

In the middle of summer, phlox puts off fragrant white, pink, purple, or magenta blooms.

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#14 Japanese Yew

Source: Thespruce

Japanese Yew is one of the best foundation plants with its evergreen privacy and is a low-maintenance coniferous bush that looks captivating in the winter.

#15 Weigela

Source: Thespruce

In late spring and early summer, the weigela produces flowers that come in pink, red, or white petals standing out against the light green foliage.

#16 Coral Bells (Heuchera)

Source: Growjoy

In early summer, the Coral Bells (Heuchera) bears the pink or white flowers bloom that can reach 18”. Also, its foliage showcases any color of the rainbow.

#17 Astilbe

Source: Gardenersworld

Astilbe blooms bold red, white, or pink flowers that bloom in mid-spring and early summer.

#18 Peony

Source: Dutchbulbs

In late spring and early summer, Peony shows off beautiful and fragrant flowers. There are a bunch of varieties of peonies with a range of different sizes and colors you can choose from.

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