17 Indoor And Outdoor Plants That Have Heart Shaped Leaves

If you are looking for a plant, the post today will recommend 17 Indoor And Outdoor Plants That Have Heart Shaped Leaves and you will fall in love with their unique beauty. They are not just astounding, eye-catching, and beautiful, they will also help produce a lovely romantic atmosphere in your home. Instead of putting a vase of fresh flowers with just once time, you can enjoy your love in a more everlasting way with these plants that have heart-shaped leaves. Check them out if you are interested in them.
17 Indoor And Outdoor Plants That Have Heart Shaped Leaves
Some of them are pretty houseplants that you can use as natural gifts to give your loved ones. Others grow well in outdoor conditions to give a charming vibe to your landscaping. Like other plants, they are all low maintenance, as they won’t take much of your time; just proper care will give you the best and most desirable plants you can ever dream of. Just start with your little care, these plants will stick around far longer than a dozen cutting flowers and can continue to remind the recipient of your affection year-round as they grow.

#1 Jack Frost (Brunnera)

Source: Jparkers

Brunnera is one of the stunning outdoor plants with heart-shaped leaves and their excellent silvery nature. Also, this plant also brings white leaf coloration and plenty of colorful blue spring flowers similar to forget-me-nots.

#2 Dutchman’s pipe (Aristolochia macrophylla)

Source: Gardenia

The Dutchman’s pipe is a vine plant that has a dramatic nature of heart-shaped leaves on its climbing stems. Its heart-shaped leaves are so huge that they can form a dense blanket. During late spring, it blooms green color flowers.

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#3 ‘Gold Heart’ Bleeding Heart

Source: Plants.dutchgrowers

‘Gold Heart’ Bleeding Heart displays heart-shaped leaves. It has a pendant, heart-shaped blooms with different colors like red, white, and pink, with fern-like foliage. This plant does well in a partly shaded area and will become naturally dormant during the summer heat.

#4 Redbud Hazel (Disanthus cercidifolius)

Source: Botanyphoto.botanicalgarden

Redbud Hazel is a perennial heart-shaped leaf plant that displays deep green foliage. It produces a plum blush during the late summer and grows more colorful with time. It grows happily in partial sunlight.

#5 Hostas (Hostas hybrids)

Source: Provenwinners

#6 Grandpa Ott’s Purple Morning Glory

Source: Gardenia

During the summer, Grandpa Ott has lovely heart-shaped leaves that shine on vining stems. The plant produces trumpet-like flowers.

#7 Katsura Tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)

Source: Gardenia

Katsura Tree has heart-shaped leaves that form strange bronze colors but turn bluish-green after some time. When the fall season comes, the foliage turns yellow to apricot-orange color.

#8 String of Hearts

Source: Feelslike-home

The String of Hearts has a trailing vine that features a purple stem and green and mottled white leaves. Its is easy to grow and propagate. You can see this houseplant in colorful and non-colorful forms.

#9 Devil’s Ivy

Source: Edengardens

Devil’s Ivy is one of the easiest maintenance houseplants. It displays a charming heart-shaped leaf and helps purify the indoor air improving the living space.

#10 Sweetheart Plant

Source: Mygardenlife

Sweetheart Plant is arguably the most beautiful plant with a heart-shaped leaf and is widely known to have stunted growth. This plant never grow into a complete plant as its feature is the single plant may root.

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#11 Swiss Cheese Plant

Source: Thespruce

Swiss Cheese Plant is easy to propagate and care for. It puts off massive leaves, which are heart-shaped.

#12 Arrowhead Plant

Source: Bhg

The leaves of the Arrowhead Plant look to a heart shape. You can grow it indoors in hanging baskets and pots

#13 Heart Leaf Fern

Source: Mylittlejungle

The heartleaf fern is one of the most attractive heart-shaped indoor plants to add color to your home feel warm. This plant grows well in in moisture soil and in a sunny but sheltered position.

#14 Flamingo Flower or Anthurium

Source: Smartgardenguide

Flamingo Flower or Anthurium showcases a stunning heart-shaped leaf that can add beauty and color to any home. This flower can also be called Tail flower, Painter’s palette, Tale flower or Laceleaf, which are all beautiful names.

#15 Cyclamen

Source: Almanac

Cyclamen is a beautiful heart-shaped leaf plant, that also possesses gorgeous foliage and flowers.

#16 Philodendron Gloriosum

Source: Aroidnursery

Philodendron Gloriosum is a very excellent and attractive indoor plant. It produces huge heart-shaped leaves that equally look so attractive and alluring.

#17 Lemon Lime or Heartleaf Philodendron

Source: Bybrittanygoldwyn

Lemon Lime or Heartleaf Philodendron is a stunning, attractive and charming houseplant. Also, it is easy to maintain as long as give it partial sunlight.

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