17 Edible Living Wall Ideas To Make The Most Of Space

You live in an apartment or at a place where you don’t have a garden, or just have a small garden, don’t let your lack of a large garden space deter you from growing fresh vegetables. When you lack garden space, you still have plenty of vertical space to grow your favorite vegetables. And the list today, you will recommend 17 Edible Living Wall Ideas to Make The Most Of Space that you can make the most of the space in your garden to grow more fresh vegetables, even fence.
17 Edible Living Wall Ideas To Make The Most Of Space
Growing your own vegetables not only is a great way to get fresh and great-tasting food but also good for your physical and mental health. That is the reason why many people love growing vegetables vertical in recent years. So, owning a large garden actually is lucky but if not, you can plant these vegetables in another space such as garden walls, a very small backyard, on a patio, or even a balcony with these ideas below.

#1 Strawberry Verticle Garden

Source: Serenalee

#2 A Living Salad Wall

Source: Seattlegardenideas

#3 Vertical Vegetable Garden

Source: Youtu

#4 Vertical Farming

Source: Flickr

#5 Wall Planter Boxes

Source: Etsy

#6 Pocket Wall Garden

Source: Ingodseconomy

#7 Hanging Wall Planter

Source: Etsy

#8 Tin Can Herb Wall Garden

Source: Thegardenglove

#9 Vertical PVC Pipe Garden

Source: Heatherednest

#10 Herb Pallet Planter

Source: LizCoughlan

#11 A Herb Wall

Source: Nonagon

#12 Marson Jar Verticle Garden By A Window

Source: Savingbydesign

#13 Plastic Bottle Verticle Garden

Source: Buzzfeed

#14 Wooden Planter for Salad Greens

Source: Thegreeneberger

#15 Hanging Planters and Pallet Boxes

Source: Instagram

#16 Edible Green Wall Packed With Aromatic Plants

Source: Instagram

#17 A living Wall of Edible Greens

Source: Instagram

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