17 Easiest Vegetables For Your Beginners

There is nothing better than enjoying the fresh and organic vegetables in your garden, right? However, you have not known to choose the right types yet to grow easily with success. Look no further, let’s start with the 17 Easiest Vegetables For Your Beginners today. They also are great options for those who don’t have any experience.
17 Easiest Vegetables For Your Beginners
These easy-to-grow vegetables will not only help your garden and living space more vivid but also help you gain confidence in the garden. They can grow well with just basic care such as getting enough sunlight, well-drained and moist soil. Although each has its own growth properties, some grow upwards or outwards while others advance sideways, all of them reward your efforts with profuse growth. It’s time to start with just one easy vegetable, or select a few and get growing to fill your flower bed, a porch container, or pots.

#1 Radish

Source: Masterclass

Radish prefers to grow in the cold weather. For its healthy growth, plant the seeds directly into the garden in spring.

#2 Lettuce

Source: Thespruce

Lettuce is a cool-season crop though, so the best time to plant it is in early spring, or in the fall.

#3 Tomatoes

Source: Harvesttotable

There are many different varieties for beginners, tomatoes are easy vegetables to grow. You can grow them both in the garden or pots and give them enough full sun for happy growth.

#4 Turnip

Source: Kellogggarden

Turnip grows well in cool temperatures, so spring and fall are the best time to sow the seeds directly into your garden.

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#5 Onions

Source: Almanac

Onions are extremely low maintenance and don’t have any pest issues, so you can grow them without worrying about any problem. They grow happily in full sun day long.

#6 Cucumber

Source: Thepracticalplanter

Cucumbers not only are easy to grow but also are fast. There are vines and bush types you can choose from. They do well both in full sun and partial shade.

#7 Swiss Chard

Source: Harvesttotable

Swiss Chard is an easy-to-grow vegetable that tolerates both frost hardy and heat.

#8 Garlic

Source: Gardenmanage

Garlic is a low-maintenance plant that you can grow easily. You also don’t have to worry about pest invasion as it helps to deter pests from the garden.

#9 Peas

Source: Istockphoto

Peas also are a cold-loving crop that can be planted in pots or in the garden easily. There are two types including vine or bush type you can choose from. They perform best when direct-planted in early spring or fall within the full sun to partial shade.

#10 Zucchini

Source: Gardening

Zucchini is one of the easiest vegetables to grow, even so prolific. The types of yellow and green you can choose to grow.

#11 Beans

Source: Bhg

Beans are so versatile, they come in either vining varieties or as bush types, which you can plant in pots. They mature very quickly and produce prolifically.

#12 Kale

Source: Homedepot

Kale is extremely cold hardy and survives long after the summer crops are done.

#13 Arugula

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Arugula is so easy to grow but needs cool weather. You can plant this vegetable by sowing the seeds directly into the ground in early spring or in the fall in mild climates.

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#14 Tomatillo

Source: Oldworldgardenfarms

Like tomatoes, this veggie is easy to grow, even easier.

#15 Spinach

Source: Gardeningknowhow

To grow Spinach, you should start sowing the seeds directly into the garden in very early spring in a shady spot.

#16 Peppers

Source: Hortzone

Peppers grow happily in limited spaces like pots or containers.

#17 Cucamelons

Source: Thegreedyvegan

Cucamelons is an easy vegetable that grows quickly. This vine veggie will cover a trellis or fence and does well in part-shade to full sun.

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