17 Backyard and Patio Shade Ideas

In our lives, there are so many things to enjoy with outdoor activities. Maybe it’s taking a nap on a reading nook, reading a book on the patio, listening to bird songs on the deck, or having a backyard bbq party, and more. To enjoy beautiful days outdoors to the fullest, the ideas here will give attractive shade structures you will love spending time with all day.
17 Backyard and Patio Shade Ideas
There are many creative ways to build a shade structure using low-cost materials such as wood, DIY-friendly fabric tent, branches, and even twigs! Or you can use a big outdoor umbrella, it is one of the most simple patio shade covers you can buy easily. Scroll down and let’s explore some attractive backyard and patio shade ideas in a variety of styles to fit your taste. And then, make one of them for your next home improvement project!

#1 Use A Big Umbrella

Source: Pinterest

#2 Square Sun Shade Sail

Source: Overstock

#3 Grow A Living Shade Canopy

Source: Sanctuaryhomedecor

#4 Backyard Canvas Shelter

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#5 Amazing Pergola With A Hammock

Source: Onekindesign

#6 Create A Small Reading Nook

Source: Smore

#7 Build A Floating Deck Under The Shade of a Big Tree

Source: Decks

#8 A Vining Plant Arbor

Source: Homehacks

#9 Growing Tall Tree

Source: Westerngardens

#10 Build A Playhouse

Source: Momooze

#11 A Tent

Source: Decorhomeideas

#12 Set A Hammock And Take The Most Of The Big Tree Shade

Source: Inspirationformoms

#13 A Gorgeous Piece For The Home Instead

Source: Pinterest

#14 Build A Pergola Next To Fence

Source: Pinterest

#15 A Gazebo Design

Source: Nextluxury

#16 Use Outdoor Curtains

Source: Hometalk

#17 Tiki Umbrella

Source: Linda Sweet

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