16 Hardy Ground Cover Plants To Grow For Your Landscape

You are tired of mowing lawns in your yard, right? Reading our post to find yourself and your garden a great solution. That is ground cover plants. They aren’t expensive and don’t need high-maintenance sod, by contrast, they are an easy-care, environmentally-friendly groundcover. So, if you are seeking a solution for a problem area or simply want to upgrade your garden to a new level, these hardy ground cover plants below are great alternatives.
16 Hardy Ground Cover Plants To Grow For Your Landscape
Ground cover plants are low-growing plants that serve many different purposes both in your garden and in the landscape. They offer both beauty and function, giving a yard color, attract vital pollinators to your backyard. At the same time, they simultaneously help to fight weeds and control erosion. They limit weed growth, stabilize slopes, and add interest and texture to your yard. They not only give a gentle and soft ground to walk on but also can spread the scent and massage your toes well. For these good reasons, these hardy ground cover plants are all-around problem-solvers to your gardening and landscaping problems.

#1 Asiatic Jasmine

Source: Fast-growing-trees

Asiatic Jasmine is a vining evergreen that produces small dark green, glossy leaves forming a mat. In spring, the plant displays tiny white, yellow, or pink flowers.

#2 Creeping Phlox

Source: Thespruce

Creeping Phlox shows off a thick mat of pink, lavender, or purple flowers in early spring. This plant requires full sun for the best bloom.

#3 Lamb’s Ear

Source: Amazon

The ground cover plant offers fuzzy, silver-green foliage that gives lamb’s ear, hence the name. It can tolerate poor soil and high heat.

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#4 Creeping Jenny

Source: Creeklinehouse

Creeping Jenny is a perennial plant that does well both in full sun and part shade. It favors growing in medium to wet soil.

#5 English Ivy

Source: Hirts

English Ivy is an invasion plant as its vine spreads quickly and easily. To control its growth, you only need to prune it creeps into unwanted areas.

#6 Sedum

Source: Realsimple

Sedum is a tough succulent that offers tons of varieties and is extremely drought resistant. It’s easy to grow in full sun.

#7 Miniature Brass Buttons

Source: Littleprinceplants

Miniature Brass Buttons create a thick mat as the combination of above and below the ground runners. It grows well in the shade.

#8 Creeping Thyme

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Creeping Thyme can grow anywhere and produces dozens and dozens of small, delicate flowers. It is great for dry soil and can even be tucked into rock gardens and stair crevices.

#9 Wild Ginger

Source: Jswbotanicalart

Wild Ginger shows off a fragrant mat of bright green, heart-shaped foliage. It gives a stunning look for covering slopes or for edging.

#10 Dwarf Mondo Grass

Source: Bloodfive

Dwarf Mondo Grass provides a sort of natural carpet beneath with dense dark green blades. This plant is drought-resistant and does well in both sun and shade.

#11 Roman Chamomile

Source: Outsidepride

Roman Chamomile can create a pretty lawn with tiny pretty flowers. The plant is low-maintenance and thrives in a sunny location, but it also does well in part shade.

#12 Moss

Source: Thegardenglove

Moss creates a beautiful border, especially in Japanese gardens. It requires no mowing.

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#13 Hardy Ice Plant

Source: New Hope Nursery

Hardy Ice Plant provides an evergreen groundcover with daisy-like flowers. It grows well in zones from 5 to 11.

#14 Vinca Minor

Source: Thespruce

Vinca Minor puts down roots from spreading shoots to form a dense mat with dainty foliage and deep blue or purple flowers.

#15 Geraniums

Source: Lovethegarden

Geraniums create a mound of stems and the icing on top are the plant’s violet-blue flowers. This plant prefers shade and needs very little care.

#16 Ajuga

Source: Picfair

Ajuga is a matting ground cover. In early summer, it sends up spikes of blue, lavender, or pink flowers.

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