16 Gorgeous Ideas To Have Mums In Your Garden

On your front porch, a couple of pots of vibrantly colored mums usually give the space an autumnal feel. However, you may go all out with a more complex display. These images of places decorated with mums will undoubtedly give you ideas for how to use your beloved fall flowers to their fullest, whether you’re going for an understated yet elegant appearance or something more dramatic.

In your gardens, mix mums with other plants that have distinct colors and textures to create an eye-catching display. Or you can opt for minimalism and monochrome by showing only one color for any space. And if not planted in pots, they’re also happy to live in the grounds in the pathway landscaping or alongside the house. There’re so many available options for you to pick your favorites.

#1. Mix And Match Your Mums

Source: Midwest Living

#2. Set A Color Theme With Mums In Pots

Source: Midwest Living

#3. Plant Mums In The Corner

Source: The Home Depot

#4. Mums With Rustic Metal

Source: Midwest Living

#5. Go Monochromatic With Your Mums

Source: Midwest Living

#6. Show It On Front Door

Source: Driven by Decor

#7. Play With Different Sizes Of Mums

Source: Gardening.org

#8. Pair Mums With Other Vegetables

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

#9. Put It In The Main Role

Source: Bob’s Market and Greenhouses

#10. Add Seasonal Color With Mums And Gourds

Source: Rett Peek

#11. Put Mums In The Flower Box

Source: Pinterest

#12. Arrange It With Vegetables

Source: Royal City Nursery

#13. Place Potted Mums In Hollow Pumpkin

Source: adorned abode archive

#14. Display Mums In Vintage Finds

Source: Shelterness

#15. Mix Them With Harvest Season

Source: Midwest Living

#16. Go With Pastel

Source: instagram

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