16 Best Cherry Tomato Varieties For Snacking And Fresh Eating

Are you a fan of juicy, bite-sized tomatoes bursting with flavor? Look no further! We present to you the ultimate guide to the “16 Best Cherry Tomato Varieties for Snacking and Fresh Eating.” Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with an array of vibrant, sweet, and tangy cherry tomatoes that are perfect for popping into your mouth or adding a burst of freshness to your favorite dishes. From classic favorites to unique heirloom varieties, we’ve curated a selection that will take your snacking experience to a whole new level.

Join us on a delightful journey as we explore these tiny tomato treasures, each with its own distinct characteristics and culinary delights. Whether you’re an avid gardener seeking the perfect tomato plant or simply a tomato enthusiast looking to savor the finest flavors, this guide will leave you yearning for more. So, get your taste buds ready and embark on a flavorful adventure through the world of cherry tomatoes! Cherry tomatoes are a delicious and versatile addition to any garden or kitchen. Here are 16 popular cherry tomato varieties known for their exceptional flavor and suitability for snacking and fresh eating:

1. Sun Gold


Source: White Flower Farm

Renowned for its sweet, tropical flavor, these golden-orange cherry tomatoes are a favorite among gardeners and chefs alike.

2. Sweet 100

Source: Bonnie Plants

This classic variety produces long clusters of small, intensely sweet tomatoes that are perfect for snacking straight off the vine.

3. Sungold Select II

Source: Miches Tomatenvielfalt

Similar to Sun Gold, this variety offers a high sugar content and outstanding flavor. It is known for its disease resistance and larger fruit size.

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4. Black Cherry

Source: The Incredible Seed Company

These small, dark purple to black tomatoes have a rich, complex flavor with a hint of smokiness, making them a unique and delicious choice.

5. Sweet Million

Source: Home For The Harvest

Another widely grown variety, Sweet Million yields large clusters of sweet, juicy tomatoes, perfect for salads or enjoying as a snack.

6. Juliet

Source: Jardin HQ

With its oval shape and intense flavor, Juliet is a popular choice for fresh eating and is known for its disease resistance.

7. Chocolate Cherry

Source: Pesches Flowers

These mahogany-brown tomatoes have a rich, sweet flavor that is reminiscent of dark chocolate. They add depth to salads and are excellent for snacking.

8. Sugar Snack

Source: Totally Tomatoes

As the name suggests, Sugar Snack offers exceptionally sweet and crisp fruits that are perfect for popping in your mouth straight from the vine.

9. Matt’s Wild Cherry

Source: Smart Seeds Emporium

This heirloom variety produces an abundance of small, flavorful red fruits with a balanced sweetness and tanginess.

10. Gardener’s Delight

Source: D&H Seed Harvest Co

A reliable and prolific variety, Gardener’s Delight produces clusters of small, tangy tomatoes that are a delight to snack on.

11. Red Currant

Source: Dobies

These tiny, red tomatoes pack a big burst of flavor. They are perfect for garnishing dishes or adding a burst of sweetness to salads.

12. Supersweet 100

Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

This cherry tomato variety lives up to its name, offering an incredibly high sugar content and exceptional sweetness.

13. Sweet Chelsea

Source: Seaway Farms

Sweet Chelsea is a disease-resistant cherry tomato variety that produces abundant clusters of small, flavorful fruits with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

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14. Honeybunch Red Grape

Source: Great Day Gardens

These elongated red tomatoes are bursting with a sweet, tangy flavor that is excellent for snacking or adding to salads.

15. Jasper

Source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Jasper cherry tomatoes have a bright red color and a sweet, tangy flavor. They are known for their crack-resistant skin and are excellent for fresh eating.

16. Indigo Rose

Source: Tomato Bible

With its unique purple skin and red flesh, Indigo Rose offers a distinctive appearance and a delicious, tangy flavor. They are high in anthocyanins, which gives them their purple hue.

These cherry tomato varieties are all excellent choices for snacking and fresh eating. Remember to consider your climate, growing conditions, and personal preferences when selecting the best varieties for your garden.

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