15 Popular Flowers That You Can Use To Cook

Have you ever tried adding flowers for garnishing your dishes more delicious and attractive? Just some petals of flowers are enough to make a colorful addition that everyone will fall in love with. However, not all flowers can use in cooking, so if you want to add them to your dishes, you should learn about them. So, check out our article on edible flowers to flavor your food here.
15 Popular Flowers That You Can Use To Cook
Rose, hibiscus, lavender, nasturtium…these flowers are loved and chosen a lot in decoration because they bring romantic and gentle beauty to the living space. In addition to the attractive decorative features, they are also processed into many attractive and tasty dishes by chefs. You can add them to different tasty dishes such as salads, soups, cakes, or your favorite drinks. After reading the article, we believe that you will have great ideas to liven up any of your parties, special occasions, and even daily meals according to your own way.

#1 Nasturtium

Source: Nature-and-garden

The flowers of Nasturtium look great for garnishing on recipes such as cream cheese, cakes, or canapés. The taste is so perfect with a mild peppery flavor and the flowers also are rich in Vitamin C.

#2 Borage

Source: Diggers

Borage flower has a cucumber-like taste. Also, its dark blue flowers resemble mini stars when garnished on dishes.

#3 Lavender

Source: Drweil

The taste of the Lavender flowers is light like rosemary and mint. You can use the tiny petals to garnish the cake for a floral look.

#4 Garland Chrysanthemum

Source: Rawedibleplants

Garland Chrysanthemum produces elegant flowers that have a strong spicy flavor. The taste might not pair well with every flavor of cake, but its pretty flowers will enhance the beauty of cakes.

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#5 Cape Jasmine

Source: Shiatoshi

Cape Jasmine displays beautiful white flowers that emit enchanting fragrances. The flowers look great when shredded to decorate cakes and can also be used in jams, and the sweet flavor also is a perfect addition.

#6 Marigold

Source: Dianekochilas

The flowers of Marigold carry a slight citrus taste sour to bitter, but its gorgeous flowers look stunning on cakes and dishes.

#7 Tulip

Source: Ricardocuisine

Tulip brings a sweet flavor with a crisp texture of the beautiful flowers which can be great to glamorize cakes. Before garnishing, remove stigmas and pollen.

#8 Honeysuckle

Source: Dailydishrecipes

Like its name, honeysuckle flowers have a honey-ish flavor. Only using the flowers because other parts can be toxic like berries and stems.

#9 Rose

Source: Greatbritishchefs

Rose flowers offer a subtle sweet taste. The petals are versatile and mild, making them used to garnish cakes.

#10 Hibiscus

Source: Foodnavigator-latam

Hibiscus features big flowers that have a mild citrus flavor and sour berries and pair really well with cake and desserts.

#11 Lilac

Source: Rainbowplantlife

Like lemon taste with hints of slight bitterness, the lilac flowers come in shades of colors from blue to pale pink and give a refreshing taste to many cakes.

#12 Dahlia

Source: Sustainmycookinghabit

Dahlia flowers have a unique taste that is like a mix of spicy apple, water chestnut, and hints of carrot. The plant provides sweet potato-like tubers that are used in various recipes.

#13 Peony

Source: Therightflowers

Peony flowers have a taste that likes strawberries or peaches. Its bright flowers are offered a bright and tasty addition to desserts.

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#14 Pot Marigold

Source: Gardenerspath

Pot Marigold provides brilliant flowers with a tangy flavor. Its soft flowers can also be dried and add a dash of color to cakes.

#15 Pansy

Source: Wideopeneats

Pansy is popularly used in salads, pâté, desserts, and cakes. Its flowers have a fresh, slightly lettuce-like flavor and come in a variety of colors to stunning garnish for any dish.

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