15 Popular Bushes With Pink Flowers To Grow In Yard

Pink color symbolizes inner peace, happiness, affection, and love, these are positive elements that everyone needs to have in this life. Growing pink flowers not only adds an element to your garden but also brightens it up. If you are finding ways to give your garden a vivid look, the 15 Popular Bushes With Pink Flowers To Grow In Yard are great options that you shouldn’t miss out on!
15 Popular Bushes With Pink Flowers To Grow In Yard
Each has its own unique beauty to suit your favorite as well as your garden. They can bloom for a long time so your garden is always full of colors and attracts some beneficial insects that are good for your vegetable garden. What’s more, they help purify the air and create a fresh landscape that makes people feel more relaxed and happier. Whether your choice is, growing them means you’re creating a more wonderful garden space in your own way.

#1 Climbing Rose

Source: Bhg

There are some Climbing Roses, one of which is ‘Pierre de Ronsard’, this type produces clusters of pink blooms with a cream base. It needs 5-6 hours of direct sunlight at least per day for happy growth.

#2 Pink Hydrangea

Source: Bloomingbackyard

During spring and summer, the Pink Hydrangea bears large, globular clusters of bright pink flowers making it one of the most beautiful bushes you should choose to grow in your yard.

#3 Pink Lilac

Source: Jerseyshorescene

in late spring, the pink lilac blooms stunning pink hue flowers with a cone shape and the flowers again across the summer. The plant thrives in well-draining soil.

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#4 Crape Myrtle

Source: Stardustenglishwriting

Crape Myrtle displays crepe paper-like blooms with pink colors on late summer days and keeps blooming through fall. It grows well in bright sunlight.

#5 Deutzia

Source: Plant-quest

Deutzia is a fast-growing bush that bears charming pink and white blossoms from May to June.

#6 Peony

Source: Ruralsprout

The peony is a woody shrub with blue-green leaves and pink blooms. To enjoy the best flowers, grow the plant in bright light.

#7 Hibiscus

Source: Etsy

Hibiscus is an evergreen shrub and is the national flower of Malaysia. It shows off offers bright and showy blossoms in different shades, one of which is pink over dark green leaves.

#8 Bugbane

Source: Bluestoneperennials

Bugbane is a flowering perennial with pale pink blooms and bronze-purple foilage. ‘Pink spire’ type displays bottle blossoms that look like a brush in ballerina pink.

#9 February Daphne

Source: Saltwire

The February Daphne is from Europe and Asia, this plant is a flowering shrub with clusters of purple-pink blossoms and green leaves.

#10 Butterfly Bush

Source: Buchanansplants

The pink-purple blooms of the shrub can invite butterflies and other pollinators like hummingbirds, hence the name. The flowers appear in bright clusters with deep orange throats.

#11 Korean Rosebay

Source: Themarthablog

Korean Rosebay is a shade-loving plant that opens ornamental purple-pink flowers in early spring. If you love the beauty of pure pink colors, ‘Cornell Pink” is a great candidate.

#12 Winter Heath

Source: Picturethisai

Winter Heath is a perennial, this shrub displays pink flowers from fall to mid-spring. Its color depends on age turning pale pink to deep pink.

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#13 Bougainvillea

Source: Petalrepublic

Bougainvillea origins in South America, it is a vining plant with beautiful flowers that comes in shades of purple, red, or bright pink hues. It grows well in warm climates.

#14 Azalea

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Azalea offers trumpet-like shape flowers from April to May. The flowers have a watermelon pink color and spread a mild aroma. For the best blooms, grow the bush in spots where it gets bright indirect light.

#15 Solitary Clematis

Source: Picturethisai

The lovely pink flowers of the Solitary Clematis pop up against green leaves making it look stunning. It is a herbaceous perennial and grows easily in the garden with basic care.

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