15 Plants That Displays Biggest Blooms You Will Love Grow In The Garden

In the natural world, there are countless flowers, and each has its own attraction. And Big, beautiful blooms are the perfect way to add a “wow” factor to your garden. So, in the article today, we are so glad to introduce the 15 Plants That Displays Biggest Blooms You Will Love Grow In The Garden. They not only help brighten up any space but also will create a dramatic statement as well as quickly fill up flower vases with cut flowers.
15 Plants That Displays Biggest Blooms You Will Love Grow In The Garden
If you are finding plants to add some vibrant color to your home or garden or thinking of the right balance of color in your landscape, they are great options. Growing them in the garden is a great way to add drama to any space in the garden. Whether you have a tiny flower bed or a large garden, these oversized flowers bring color and life. So, if you are among those who are attracted by big flowers, then grow some for your home or garden.

#1 Mammoth Russian Sunflower

Source: Gardenia

Mammoth Russian Sunflower opens flowers to 14 inches across on towering stems 9 to 12 feet tall. Gardeners grow this sunflower type to harvest seeds for eating. In spring, the seeds will be sown and ready to be harvested at the end of summer.

#2 ‘Mrs. Edwards Whitaker’ Water Lily

Source: Flower-db

The Water Lily produces flowers that open 10 inches or more across under the sun. The flowers show off revealing lavender-blue petals that age to white. The center of the blossom offers bright gold stamens tipped in lavender.

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#3 ‘Shimadaijin’ Tree Peony

Source: Primrosehallpeonies

‘Shimadaijin’ Tree Peony open fragrant flowers measuring up to 9 inches across on plants. The flowers come in wide colors including white, pink, yellow, red, and magenta-purple.

#4 Sacred Lotus

Source: Thingsguyana

Sacred Lotus is a beautiful pond plant. The striking flowers spread 8 to 12 inches across and open in vivid rose shades, fading to pink.

#5 ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea

Source: Thisoldhouse

‘Limelight’ Hydrangea is a panicle type with flower clusters that vary from 8 to 12 inches long. Its flowers open chartreuse, then fade to pink shades.

#6 ‘Globemaster’ Alllium

Source: Longfield-gardens

The plant displays fun spherical blossoms with 10-inch- violet-purple orbs. From late spring to early summer, the plant produces flowers like giant lollipops in the garden.

#7 ‘Casablanca’ Oriental Lily

Source: Edenbrothers

‘Casablanca’ Oriental Lily features 10-inch-wide blossoms with cooling white to your summer garden. Its flowers offer a strong floral fragrance that fills the entire garden. Its bulbs multiply freely from year to year.

#8 ‘Fireworks’ Clematis

Source: Thorncroftclematis

‘Fireworks’ Clematis showcases lavender-blue blooms with a bright magenta stripe. Its flower opens an eye-popping 6 to 8 inches across from late spring to early summer and again in fall.

#9 Night-Blooming Cereus

Source: Southernliving

Night-Blooming Cereus is a type of orchid cactus that blooms in the evening with pure white blossoms open to 7 inches across. Its flowers open intensely fragrant flowers in the evening that fade with morning’s light.

#10 ‘California Giant’ Zinnia

Source: Seedvilleusa

‘California Giant’ Zinnia brings flowers that open 5 to 6 inches across on stems up to 4 feet tall. This plant features a blend of colors, including pink, white, purple, orange, and yellow.

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#11 ‘Black Dragon’ Hibiscus

Source: Hiddenvalleynaturearts

‘Black Dragon’ Hibiscus displays velvety dark burgundy petals that spread to a stunning 8 inches across. The flower centers are nearly black adding to the secret feel of this bloomer.

#12 ‘Primal Scream’ Daylily

Source: Plants.gertens

‘Primal Scream’ Daylily brings dazzling tangerine orange blossoms to measure a whopping 7.5 to 8.5 inches across.

#13 Dinnerplate Dahlia

Source: Longfield-gardens

Dinnerplate Dahlia produces oversized blooms open to 8 or 9 inches across in a rainbow of colors.

#14 ‘Indian Summer’ Rudbeckia

Source: Dearplants

‘Indian Summer’ Rudbeckia is a classic summer flower that displays the beauty of black-eyed Susan blooms to a large from 6 to 9 inches. It is a short-lived perennial with sturdy stems.

#15 ‘Cobalt Dreams’ Delphinium

Source: Delphinium

‘Cobalt Dreams’ Delphinium brings flower spikes that stretch an impressive 2 feets. Its flowers have towers of blue to add charm to your green garden.

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