15 Flowering Shrubs To Liven Up Cold Winter Days

When the winter comes, don’t let the dreary days of winter become even bleaker. There are many varieties of winter plants that will beautify your outdoor living space with a bit warmer. Even when the weather falls below freezing with a thick blanket of snow, some plant also can grow tall and brings stunning blooms. Try growing some 15 Flowering Shrubs To Liven Up Cold Winter Days to brighten up your home.
15 Flowering Shrubs To Liven Up Cold Winter Days
Growing these plants means you are making your garden more beautiful as well as adding some more interest to your yard more attractive. Everything from clematis jingle bells to cold-hardy camellias would also make for a beautiful pop of color against the bright white snow. Most of them are easy to grow and do not require taking care of. Besides, they help purify the air and create a fresh landscape that makes people feel more relaxed and happier. Cheer up your lawn and garden with these flowering shrubs!

#1 Clematis Jingle Bells

Source: Theenglishgarden

During the winter season, clematis Jingle Bells will reward you with white to yellow petals with freckled red nodding flowers to steal the show. In addition, the flowers emit a mildly sweet fragrance that will help in enhancing your mood.

#2 Mahonia Winter Sun

Source: Gardenersdream

Mahonia Winter Sun is an evergreen shrub that recurved bright yellow blooms looking stunning to liven up your dull winters. To enjoy their impressive effect, grow them for your garden borders.

#3 Arrowwood ‘Dawn’

Source: Thegardenshop

Arrowwood ‘Dawn’ is a deciduous shrub and produces uniquely shaped oval leaves. In the winter and early spring, the flowers appear and form pink clusters, they also spread scent

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#4 Winter Daphne

Source: 66squarefeet.blogspot

Winter Daphne displays beautiful and scented flowers in late winter and spring. The small tubular-shaped clustered blooms raise above simple dark green leaves.

#5 Winter Aconite

Source: Carolynsshadegardens

The bright yellow flowers of the Winter Aconite adorn any space with a golden glow when grown in numbers. This plant can not endure extreme weather but also grows well with a slight frost.

#6 Wintersweet

Source: Portlandnursery

As the name suggests, the Wintersweet bears sweet fragrant flowers that open on winter days and early spring. It needs spots where it gets full sun and is protected from the wind.

#7 Honeysuckle ‘Winter Beauty’

Source: Botanicaplantnursery

Honeysuckle ‘Winter Beauty’ is considered a deciduous shrub and also is climber because of its bush-like growing habit. The flowers come in mid-winter and last until mid-winter. What’s more, the beautiful flowers emit intensely sweet scents in the air to lift the mood of viewers.

#8 Cold-Hardy Camellias

Source: Theenglishgarden

Cold-Hardy Camellias offers magnificent blooms that start to open when the fall season comes and continue till the spring season. Its hybrid varieties can survive in low temperatures.

#9 Winter Jasmine

Source: Gardenerspath

From late winter to early spring, the Winter Jasmine shows off bright yellow flowers making it stands out from other rival winter-blooming plants.

#10 Higan Cherry

Source: Gardenia

Higan Cherry is a small tree-like shrub and can reach 20-30 feet in height. The flowers appear in fall, winter, or spring and will change from deep pink to pale pink with time.

#11 Winterberry

Source: Greatgardenplants

Winterberry is commonly known as deciduous holly. It shows an attractive berry display with bright red colors to spruce up your winter landscape. The perfect combination of the pretty berries and with the glossy green foliage makes the plant eye-catchy.

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#12 Snowberry

Source: Plants

Native to eastern North America, the Snowberry delivers beautiful, pure white berries that hang on the bare branches throughout winter season.

#13 Siberian Dogwood

Source: Amazon

Siberian Dogwood looks gorgeous when all the leaves fall down in the autumn. Before the leaves fall, they also make us interested in a spectacular shade.

#14 Witch Hazel

Source: Thetimes

The yellow blooms of the Witch Hazel emit an enticing aroma. Besides, the bizarre thin ribbons of the flowers also make them outstanding.

#15 Paperbush

Source: Allaboutgardening

In late winter and spring end and sometimes easrly sumer, the paperbush offers huge clusters of tubular flowers contrasting with the impressive skeleton of stems.

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