15 Easy-to-grow White And Purple Flowers For Your Garden

If you are looking to freshen up your garden, a punch of purple and white flowers could be just what you need. Compared to other flower colors, some purple and white flowers are rare. In the post today, we will share 15 Beautiful White And Purple Flowers that are available in a variety of shades from moody to sweet and can be combined with other colors for an extra touch.
15 Easy-to-grow White And Purple Flowers To Add To Your Garden
Do you know that these colors also have their own secrets? They are symbols of royalty and elegance and a favorite of avid gardeners and designers. Growing these flowers in your garden can add rich thematic colors. These plants do not have a deep purple or may not be exactly white color and some may have a very slight color tint to the foliage but have a warm texture to melt any heart. Most of the flowers can be categorized according to perennial and annual flowers. Besides, they are so easy to grow and just need minimal care from them.

#1 Evening Primrose

Source: Gardenia

Evening Primrose shows off goblet-shaped purple blossoms patterned in a yellowish-white hue that looks stunning.

#2 Wishbone Flower

Source: Southernliving

Wishbone Flower is the perfect combination of range colors ranging from white, blue, and purple with hints on the edges to give it more depth in appearance.

#3 Splish Splash Geranium

Source: Seedscape

Splish Splash Geranium displays patterned petals with white frills and purple flecks that make it perfect for any space in your garden.

#4 Encyclia Orchid

Source: Kevsorchids

Encyclia Orchid features into dark purple and white ring drooping like a tentacle. The plant not only display beautiful flowers but also íts blooms emit fragrance.

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#5 Cineraria

Source: Thespruce

Cineraria is a tender perennial that grows up to 4-5 feet tall. It showcases bi-colored purple and white blossom plants and grows up to 4-5 feet tall.

#6 Petunia

Source: Dengarden

Petunia is a beautiful combination of purple and white on the outside and yellow centers

#7 Milky Bellflower

Source: Sesamesprinkles

Milky Bellflower comes in white and changes up to purple and can grow about 3-5 feet tall.

#8 Fivespot

Source: Silverfallsseed

Fivespot produces beautiful bell-shaped thrips with stunning color combinations to liven up any space.

#9 Gloxinia

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Gloxinia puts off large trumpet-shaped purple and white blooms.

#10 Sweet Rocket

Source: Australianseed

Sweet Rocket features delicate, wispy white or purple petals that emit enchanting fragrance.

#11 Big Bang Lily

Source: Betterphoto

Big Bang Lily offers six-petalled, outfacing bloom in creamy white with deep purple spots and swirls, and the stamen is crowned bronze anthers.

#12 Chalon Supreme

Source: Pixels

Chalon Supreme brings lovely purple ruffled petals with white centers.

#13 Dwarf Crested Iris

Source: Arkansasstateparks

Dwarf Crested Iris grows to be 6-9 inches tall and loves partial shade or full sun. It offers purple petals with white and yellow patterns.

#14 Wolf’s Bane

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Wolf’s Bane belongs to the daisy family. It owns petals that look like monk’s hood. Its blooms are the perfect combination of white coloration with purple veins making it unique among flowers.

#15 Lisianthus

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Lisianthus produces exquisite white petals with purple borders and yellow centers. It grows happily in well-drained soil.

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