15 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Tricolor Houseplants

If your house is already full of conventional plants whose foliage is quite dull to look at, then you should consider having more colorful plants which feature different colors in their foliage. And the most attractive ones are the tricolor houseplants we’re going to show you below.

Tricolor houseplants are a simple way to update your indoor greenery. They provide the same freshness and vitality as a standard plant while adding a splash of color. Warm up a space with red and pink accented foliage, or go cold and contemporary with purple-tinged plants. Your ideal house is ready to have a tricolor plant for every area in the house, along with a variety of leaf shapes and plant sizes.

#1. Candy Cane Plant

Source: kellekneked.hu

The name of the plant, which gets its name from the unmistakable stripes on its leaves, can make you think of holiday candies. You may discover variants with dazzling red highlights or all-red leaves, but the majority of versions have varied hues of green and lovely yellow margins. This plant does well in a variety of environments, including full sun and moderate shade; the brightest leaves will grow in a sunny location.

#2. Cleopatra Snake Plant

Source: Planting Man

If you like the striking look of the Cleopatra Snake Plant, be prepared to visit many nurseries because this plant can be difficult to find. The beautiful, complex leaf design adds depth and texture to any space, and the distinctive rosette-style leaf arrangement distinguishes it from other plants. The Cleopatra Snake Plant is perfect for apartments due to its sluggish growth.

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#3. Chinese Evergreen Tricolor

Source: Garden Design

One of the most intriguing multicolored plants available is the Chinese Evergreen. The leaves have an interesting camouflage-like pattern and three different hues. While some types come in dark, light, and pink, others come in three different green shades. As it doesn’t require direct sunshine, this is a wonderful option for a space with little natural light.

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#4. Corona Tricolor

Source: Greenery Unlimited

Calathea Roseopicta is one of those plants that will make your visitors gasp with excitement. It’s a striking addition to a plant stand with its deep green foliage and high-contrast green and pink design. The glossy leaves shine brilliantly. The best part is that this plant does not require direct sunshine. Instead, it enjoys a strong yet indirect light indoors.

#5. Gingerland

Source: Earth&Jungle

Due in great part to the design of the leaves, the Gingerland plant is also known as Angel Wings. Each leaf is beautiful and delicate, with two distinct lobes and a long, graceful point. The majority of Caladium plants have a striking color pattern with intense red highlights, delicate green cores, and dark green margins.

#6. Bolero Tricolor

Source: Shogun Hawaii

Every leaf of the Bolero Tricolor is a little work of beauty with its vivid yellow, purple, and green colors. The leaves are broad and tall, lending the plant a lush appearance that is ideal for a modern or boho-chic setting. Use a single plant to provide a splash of color, or group several pots together to make a tiny indoor jungle.

#7. Lauren’s Rainbow Croton

Source: The National Gardening Association

A nice option is Lauren’s Rainbow Croton. It has long, thin leaves that develop vertically, giving it a tree-like appearance. The coloring of this plant is the most fascinating aspect. The green leaves with vivid tints of orange, yellow, and red. Place this plant in strong, direct sunshine for the brightest hues.

#8. Nidularium Houseplant

Source: Plantshop.me

The Nidularium is easily identified by a single feature: the bright splash of red in the middle. This surprising contrast, when combined with the tropical green tones of the leaves, gives a beautiful appearance. The Nidularium prefers bright, indirect sunshine and high humidity, making it an excellent choice for a kitchen or bathroom. Most variants have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years.

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#9. Rainbow Peperomia

Source: Houseplant Central

For a houseplant that will fit the little area, the Rainbow Peperomia is the ideal choice. Large, high-contrast leaves with pink or crimson highlights frequently cover the plant’s dark green core and pale green margins, making for stunning interior foliage. The plant only takes up a minimal amount of space since each leaf grows upward.

#10. Flapjack

Source: Yates Australia

One of the most charming succulents is the charming Flapjack houseplant. The leaves, which are shaped like tiny, spherical clams that grow in small clusters and resemble the petals of a flower, will let you know what it is right away. If you’re new to plant care, go for the Flapjack. It requires little upkeep. This particular cultivar does well with little to no water and little to no trimming as long as it has a warm, sunny location.

#11. Moonburst

Source: Succulents Australia

The name “Moonburst” is a fantastic match for this Aeonium plant. The soft, subdued green, pink, and yellow colors, along with the broad, tiered rosette form, give an ethereal image. Take note of the odd leaf shape: circular with a small point. A Moonburst grows larger, rounder, and more gorgeous as it expands. This houseplant is easy to care for because it is a succulent.

#12. Rosebud

Source: Gardenia.net

The Rosebud houseplant is dominated by large, heart-shaped leaves. With the right maintenance, this tropical plant may create a stunning indoor decoration thanks to its thick leaves’ fascinating patterns and scarlet or pink flecks. You must create a humid environment with plenty of warmth if you want to reach this degree of health and attractiveness.

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#13. Tricolor Stonecrop

Source: Diggin it Nursery

Tiny and delicate, the Tricolor Stonecrop is an adorable houseplant. Each small leaf has a bright green center, a pale green edge, and a faint pink rim. The effect is charming, particularly considering that the plant usually grows no higher than 6 inches. It thrives in a bright location and a wide pot. It will quickly fill the space you give.

#14. Red Prayer Plant

Source: Amazon.com

The Red Prayer Plant is hard to top when it comes to eye-catching vein patterns. Each oval-shaped leaf has vivid pink veins that contrast with the dark green surface. If you look attentively, you’ll see that the veins are somewhat offset. The leaves fold inward in the dusk, giving the image of prayer hands. As long as you keep this plant in a sunny, humid environment, you should only need to water it every two weeks.

#15. Tricolor Stromanthe

Source: Garden Betty

The Tricolor Stromanthe is unique among houseplants because of its broad, pastel-colored stripes on dark-green foliage. Although it is a huge plant, it looks good on the ground or in a plant stand since the leaves grow upward. Because this tropical plant enjoys sunlight, be sure to pick a location with lots of it.

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