15 Carnations That Own The Most Unique Blossoms

Being a trendy alternative for many gardeners in this region, the carnation is a plant that thrives in hardiness zones six through ten. Carnations, which have a range of hues and sizes, are known as “flowers of the Gods.”

Each variant has a distinct meaning intended to portray, and various situations frequently call for a different variation. Despite the fact that carnations may be divided into three broad types, there are hundreds of different kinds. Now we’ve classified 15 types of carnations whose blossoms are awesome that brighten up everywhere they appear.

#1. Dianthus Caryophyllus

Source: MyGardenLife

They are often red, pink, salmon, and white, and they thrive in humid environments.

#2. Dianthus Chinensis Heddewigii

Source: Thompson & Morgan

This unusual-looking plant, sometimes known as black and white minstrels, has black velvet-like leaves and white lace surrounding the petals. It loves to grow in well-drained soil and full light, and it may reach a height of 14 inches.

#3. Dianthus Grataniapolitensis

Source: Romence Gardens

Summer is when this plant blooms with its lovely pink blossoms. They thrive in direct sunlight, but they cannot survive cold or damp soil. They are the perfect ground cover for any garden because of their thick growth.

#4. Dianthus Plumarius

Source: Wikipedia

This is a common pink carnation seen in many gardens. They bloom from May to August and may reach a height of two feet when mature. The petals of the flowers are often fringed, giving them a distinct carnation appearance that most people would remember.



Source: Wikipedia

This kind produces either red or pink hue flowers. They are short-lived perennials that are frequently employed as ground cover. They thrive in full light and well-drained soil. These have a lovely scent and will brighten up your garden and provide a burst of color to your outdoor décor.

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#6. Dianthus ‘Superstar’ (Pink)

Source: Plant & Flower Stock Photography: GardenPhotos.com

One thing catching our attention is the cherry red bloom on this carnation is darker in the center. It can get up to six to eight inches tall and has outside-fringed petals. This plant will make a fantastic border for most gardens and loves to thrive in full light.

#7. Dianthus Barbatus

Source: Wikipedia

This is a kind that will grow quite a bit the first year it is planted, although it is unlikely to bloom at that time. This aromatic plant thrives in most situations and can grow to reach two feet tall. Your garden will be visited by butterflies, birds, and bees.

#8. Dianthus Armeria (Deptford Pink)

Source: North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox – NC State University

Another pink carnation kind that would look stunning in most gardens is this kind. In the wild, it can reach a height of up to 12 inches, but with good care, it may reach significantly greater heights in your backyard garden. This flower’s delicate pink hue is frequently used to draw attention to other blooms.

#9. Dianthus Superbus

Source: www.flower-db.com

This plant has fringed blossoms, giving it a very distinct appearance. The flowers are purple, crimson, or white, and they grow low to the ground. The flower has a pleasant aroma and can even be used to make good tea.

#10. Dianthus Chinensis (Chinese Pinks)

Source: Housing

This is one of the few carnations that struggles under extreme heat and humidity. They will often produce red, white, or pink blossoms and love alkaline soil. Although it is native to China, this plant may also be found in much of the United States, particularly in less humid regions.

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#11. Dianthus Pavonius

Source: Wikipedia

This plant will reach a height of around 10 inches. It features bluish-green leaves and dark pink flowers with brown or blue centers in the petals. They like full sun but will grow well in moderate shade as well.

#12. Dianthus Neon Star

Source: Kiwi Nurseries

The frilly-edged blossom of the neon star will be a stunning complement to any yard. It is simple to cultivate and matures to a height of around six to eight feet. The plant can withstand heat and drought as well.

#13. Dianthus American Pie

Source: White Flower Farm

This is an excellent bloom for plucking. It features a full-on bloom and a robust stem like a single rose. It has a brilliant, intense pink hue and does well in sandy soil and full light.

#14. Dianthus ‘Everlast Lavender Lace’

Source: Adobe Stock

The deep, intriguing raspberry heart of this particular variety of carnation flows into a lighter, almost lace-like lavender margin. It loves to grow in full light and may reach heights of eight to twelve inches. This plant will entice butterflies to your yard.

#15. Dianthus Pinkball Wizard

Source: Wilson Bros Gardens

The blossoms on this carnation are particularly distinctive. They are pink with darker pink specks and stripes running down each petal. They may reach about a foot in height and will attract butterflies and bees to your yard.

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