15 Best Low Maintenance Flowers To Grow In The Garden

When it comes to growing, most of you will think to use rich and moist soil for the best growth of plants. In fact, there are some plants that can survive a poor and arid environment, even thrive. In the article, we will share the 15 Best Low Maintenance Flowers To Grow In The Garden without worrying about their soil requirements. Especially, they are so beautiful for those who are a lover of the flower world.
15 Best Low Maintenance Flowers To Grow In The Garden
These flowers are easy-to-grow plants with low maintenance and need very little watering. They not only help you easily when no having time or traveling long days but they also provide a beautiful view. Regardless of the type that you choose to grow, these flowers are perfectly adapted to live in all conditions indoors or outdoors. Loving them, it’s time to add a charming soft color spectrum to your plant collection and enjoy the natural beauty.

#1 Goldenrod

Source: Petalrepublic

Goldenrod grows well in zones 4 -9 and can quickly reach 8 feet in height if get plenty of sunlight. It produces tiny yellow blooms attracting butterflies and bees as well as providing brightness for your garden.

#2 Zinnia

Source: Marthastewart

Zinnia can grow to be up to 3 feet tall. It is a very adaptable plant that prefers full sun, tolerates some shade, and also drought conditions. All summer long, its flowers bloom and come in many different colors including reds, oranges/yellow, or purples.

#3 Begonia

Source: Dobies

Begonias do well in zones 3- 11 and display colorful flowers that. This plant loves shade and can tolerate drought conditions.

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#4 Moss Rose

Source: Gardenia

Moss Rose will thrive anywhere from zone 4 through 12 in full or partial sunlight. It is one of the easiest plants to grow. You can grow it by starting some seeds in your soil mix with no special care.

#5 Petunia

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Petunia is easy to take care of and tolerate some sun or shade. Also, it only needs watering once per week. During summer, fall, and spring, the plant blooms stunning petals that come in all kinds of colors including pink, orange-reds (velvety), purples/mauves, yellow-hued flowers.

#6 Cosmos

Source: Americanmeadows

Cosmos is a hardy and low-maintenance plant that can grow in any area of your garden. It prefers full sun and tolerates partial shade. This flower can seed itself and grow with very little care.

#7 Yarrow

Source: Verywellhealth

Yarrow grows quickly and can achieve 4 feet tall. It is considered a great ground cover that you can grow easily. Thanks to its drought resistance qualities, if you forget about watering this plant it will still survive.

#8 Butterfly Weed

Source: Roundstoneseed

Butterfly Weed prefers zones 3-9 in full sun. It thrives in any type of soil, and once it’s planted will need very little water to survive. Its stunning flower attracts hummingbirds to come to visit your garden.

#9 Marigolds

Source: Petittigardencenter

Marigolds grow best in zones 2 -11. They are a hardy plant that thrives in any area and can survive even when the first frost hits.

#10 Spider Flower

Source: Diggers

Spider Flower is an easy-to-care and grows the annual plant. You just sprinkle some seeds onto the soil and it will take root.

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#11 Daylily

Source: Gardenersworld

Daylily grows well in zones 4 to 9 with full sun. It is also able to tolerate drought conditions as well. It puts off beautiful flowers throughout summer.

#12 Coreopsis

Source: Thespruce

Coreopsis can thrive in dry, hot, and humid conditions without much care. Its flowers also attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

#13 Hosta

Source: Dobies

Hosta does well in zones 3 to 9 and can tolerate the cold temperatures. This hardy plant can handle colder conditions because its roots stay active even while leaves appear dead during winter periods.

#14 Coneflower

Source: Kallecoplantnursery

Coneflower showcases bright pink, purple or crimson flowers attracting butterflies and bees. The plant prefers full sun but also grows well in shady conditions.

#15 Kalanchoe

Source: Pacroyal

Kalanchoe belongs to the succulent family, which means it has the ability to retain water. It does well in zones 8 to 10 and favor growing in hot weather. Its flowers come out looking bright orange or yellow with pink accents.

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