15 Best Beautiful Window Box Flower Varieties

Adding boxes of flowers on the side, your windows will not be monotonous! Try growing them. Don’t need to wait for spring, you also will have beautiful flowers to decorate your home year-round. They become more wonderful with the beautiful colors of the flowers. And in the post today, we are so glad to share the 15 Best Beautiful Window Box Flower Varieties. With these stunning flowering plants, they will give you more inspirations to make your window boxes more perfect than ever.
15 Best Beautiful Window Box Flower Varieties
Apart from bringing your window boxes an attractive look, they are easy-to-grow plants that are perfect for your window position. Whether your window gets more sun or shade, it isn’t a problem here. With a range of different options here, we are sure that you will find the ones which are suitable for your favorite as well as the weather condition of your window. So, these flowers are great candidates to turn your limited space into a bright colorful garden.

#1 Begonias

Source: MONG

Begonias show off beautiful flowers that have bright blooms. They grow happily in plenty of sun or shade and moisture soil. However, take your begonias indoors when the first signs of frost appear.

#2 Marigolds

Source: Pinterest

Marigolds are hardy plants that will grow well without much water. They favor growing on hot days and full sun, but they also can grow from early spring to early fall.

#3 Nasturtiums

Source: Hgvt

Nasturtiums are edible flowers. They produce pretty, bright yellow and orange flowers emitting a mild scent. When getting plenty of sun and water, they will grow prolifically and energetically.

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#4 Verbena

Source: Gardenerspath

The verbena is an ideal plant for your window boxes in many colors such as white, red, and pink. It is a hardy plant that prefers to grow in full sun with little water. You also can put them in hanging baskets or on balconies.

#5 Coleus

Source: Hooksandlattice

Coleus produces stunning foliage that comes in vivid colors and flowers. This flower prefers a lot of bright, indirect light.

#6 Vincas

Source: Floraqueen

Vincas is a super low maintenance flower that can highly tolerant hot summer days and humidity. It displays continuous dainty blooms on glossy light and dark-green lance-shaped leaves.

#7 Red Salvia

Source: Platthillnursery

Red Salvia is a gorgeous perennial that showcases spiky flowers and beautifully scented foliage. From summer to fall, this flower does well in hot and dry climates.

#8 Cyclamens

Source: Thetimes

Although bring bright flowers to your window boxes, the Cyclamen petals are poisonous and can be hazardous to cats and dogs but aren’t fatal. So, you should keep your pets away from this toxic plant.

#9 Petunias

Source: Almanac

Petunias are a great plant for balconies and can tolerate some drought. They require at least 6 hours of full sun per day and don’t need to water them every day.

#10 Dianthus

Source: Jardineriaon

The flowers of Dianthus attract butterflies to its sweetly scented blooms from spring to frost. You can grow them for window boxes, sunny beds, containers, and borders to enjoy their stunning flowers.

#11 Pansies

Source: Goodhousekeeping

Pansies are a type of flower that can be found in pots and flower boxes on your window boxes. They come in many colors, including shades like pink or blue. Give them shade if the weather is too hot.

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#12 Impatiens

Source: Marthastewart

Impatiens do well in zones 2-7 and provide color all spring and summer long if they get enough water on a daily basis during hot summer days.

#13 Sweet Alyssum

Source: Pinterest

Known as a ground cover plant, the Sweet Alyssum attracts many beneficial insects including predatory wasps, crab spiders, lacewings, and ladybugs. Growing this flower on your window boxes to invite pollinator species to visit your living space.

#14 Geraniums

Source: Getfreshswansea

Geraniums can be trained to wrap around the banisters or walls of your window boxes. The plant loves growing in well-draining soil and being watered once a week. Give them full sun most days with some shade.

#15 Snapdragons

Source: Adenbrothers

Snapdragons bloom heavily with pink and cream flowers. They can stand up to the harsh weather in spring and fall.

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