15 Best Beautiful Plants for Your Front Door Entryway

Maybe your inside is already decorated with indoor plants to give you a green and personal living space. What about your front door entryway? This area also deserves to be added the beauty of some plants, right? Here are the 15 Best Beautiful Plants for Your Front Door Entryway to welcome your guests with style by adding a touch of green to the front door.
15 Best Beautiful Plants for Your Front Door Entryway
Whether you’ve got a shady porch perfect for calibrachoa, a sunny entrance that’s just begging to be framed with hydrangea, or even some bright and bold petunias, the right plants will breathe a little extra life into your home before you even step inside. By decorating your entryway with plants, you can add a touch of a green look to your front door with the beauty of lush foliage. These front door plant ideas will instantly boost your curb appeal to your entrance.

#1 Hydrangea

Image Credits: Thisoldhouse

Hydrangea may be the perfect choice for your front-door area as this shrub blooms for a long time in the summer in flattened floral clusters.

#2 Ornamental Grasses

Image Credits: Houzz

There is a lot of types of ornamental grasses that will look great near your front door, and have attractive seed heads that add visual interest to winter landscapes.

#3 Chrysanthemum

Image Credits: Living4media

Chrysanthemums are a perennial favorite for front-door areas in a variety of colors that stand in stark contrast to this plant’s dark-green leaves.

#4 Petunias

Image Credits: Reddit

Petunias are in almost every color and loom from late spring to fall.

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#5 Sweet Alyssum

Image Credits: Depositphotos

Sweet alyssum has tiny, four-petaled flowers appear in spring, and this plant will keep blooming until summer’s hottest days arrive. In addition to producing white flowers, they also come in pink, rose, purple, and apricot color.

#6 Lantana

Image Credits: Floraqueen

Lantanas come in three different varieties with a multitude of colors. The tiny flowers on this fall-blooming plant appear in clusters and are often two-toned.

#7 Begonia

Image Credits: Eurobulb

Begonias may be a perfect choice for your porch gets dappled sun; Most bloom from mid-summer until you bring them inside before the first frost.

#8 Mandevilla

Image Credits: Thespruce

Mandevilla thrives in full sun or part shade; trumpet-shaped flowers up to 5-inches long appear on this evergreen plant in the summer and last throughout the fall.

#9 Caladium

Image Credits: Longfield-gardens

Caladium has the green leaves that are speckled with pink and have white vein-like lines. Protecting it from the wind and fertilize it regularly.

#10 Coleus

Image Credits: Tribuneledgernews

Coleus s a shade-loving plant in every color of the rainbow. The flower appears in racemes in the summer and early fall. This plant also has beautiful multi-colored leaves.

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