15 Beautiful Flowering Bushes For Year-round Color

Finding beautiful bushes for your garden and landscape, you are reading the right post. In the post today, we want to share 15 Beautiful Flowering Bushes For Year-round Color. They bring gorgeous foliage and open beautiful blooms all season of the year to liven up all space they grow. Regardless of your growing conditions, you’re sure to find some plants that will work in your garden. Check them out!

Most of the bushes are easy to grow and do not require to take care much but they can make your garden more beautiful as well as add some more interest to your yard more attractive. In addition to the constant bloom, some of them can bloom for a long time so your garden is always full of colors. Each has its own unique beauty, and of course, you will have many options for your favorite as well as a suit for your garden. No matter your choice, growing them means you’re creating a more wonderful garden space in your own way. Let’s get started!

#1 Azalea

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Azalea brings a rainbow of hues flowers in the spring. You can grow this flower small varieties for bed edging or line a walkway, large trees for hedges, or in wildlife or woodland gardens.

#2 French Hydrangea

Source: Britannica

French Hydrangea opens large flower heads that appear in early summer and linger well past frost. The flowers come in different colors including pink, blue and white varieties. This plant gives its beauty to liven up for mixed planting beds, woodland gardens, or even containers.

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#3 Abelia

Source: Flowerpower

Abelia is a prolific bloomer lasting through summer and into fall. The pastel blooms come in shades of white, yellow, and pink. It is a tough plant so you can grow it easily.

#4 Weigela

Source: Provenwinners

In late spring, Weigela shoots up pink blooms sparkle against dark leaves and are a hummingbird favorite. You can grow it for perennial beds, wildlife gardens, and even containers.

#5 Bottlebrush Buckeye

Source: Plants.connon

Bottlebrush Buckeye features long white flower spikes that appear in summer above the green leaves. Its flowers especially attract hummingbirds. Grow it for butterfly or wildlife gardens.

#6 Mock Orange

Source: Thespruce

The blooms of Mock Orange spread sweet perfume. That’s the fragrance that its flowers release when they open in late spring to early summer. You can grow the plant for a walkway or patio where you can savor the fragrance.

#7 Winter Daphne

Source: Plants4home

Winter Daphne displays pink flower buds that open to reveal white blooms bursting with perfume. Grow it in dappled shade near an entry where you can savor the scent.

#8 Mountain Laurel

Source: Laurensgardenservice

Mountain Laurel shows off pink buds in spring that open to white cup-shaped flowers. The plant is a stand-out evergreen shrub because it tolerates shade.

#9 Winter Heath

Source: Gardenia

From winter into early spring, the Winter Heath offers bright blooms blanket ‘Kramer’s Red’ winter heath. And the plant has needle-like, evergreen leaves. Grow it for a groundcover or pair it with conifers for an eye-catching contrast.

#10 Roses

Source: Comprarecard

Rose has many different varieties to choose from, so you can grow the type you love growing. Grow it as an informal hedge along a walkway or planting bed.

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#11 Pieris

Source: Worldoffloweringplants

Pieris showcases clustered, dangling blooms with bright pink colors. Its flowers open from deep red buds in late winter and early spring. You can grow it for a foundation planting, shrub border, or hedge.

#12 Lilac

Source: Naturehills

Lilac opens its flowers in late spring and early summer. Its flower timing, fragrance, and color depend on the variety. You can grow it for hedge or specimen shrub.

#13 Pineapple Guava

Source: Thetreecenter

Pineapple Guava opens incredibly exotic flowers that are perfectly edible, as is the fruit that ripens in fall. That makes it a great option for color as well as flavor.

#14 Virginia Sweetspire

Source: Curenursery

Virginia Sweetspire brings white flowers that open in spikes starting in early to midsummer. Its blooms release a sweet fragrance and beckon pollinators like butterflies and bees. Grow it for butterfly or rain gardens.

#15 Rhododendron

Source: Bhg

Rhododendron open blooms in a variety of hues in the spring. The red and pastel tints are the most widely available. Grow it for a specimen shrub, hedge, or woodland garden.

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