14 Vegetables To Grow Easily In Buckets

Don’t need to have a huge backyard, you still have plenty of food for daily meals. And buckets are the best solution for your limited space. In the post today, we are so glad to share the 14 best vegetables that you can grow in buckets. They are easy to grow as well as take care of when planted. So, if you are finding ways to grow food in your tiny space, let’s check out our recommendations here.
14 Vegetbles To Grow Easily In Buckets
Apart from saving space, using buckets for gardens also helps with a lot of other common gardening problems like young plants getting trampled, rabbits eating plants, poor soil, hard rains, and weeds. Another great benefit of growing vegetables in buckets is that they are portable. For instance, if your plants are not getting enough sun in a certain area, simply pick them up and put them somewhere else. You will not have to dig up, replant, and risk killing your plants, you will only be moving the container they are in. Save and grow them right now!

#1 Bok Choy

Source: Ediblelandscapingmadeeasy

Bok choy is a delicious leafy green that contains many folate, carotenoids, and calcium. It is a well-loved veggie to add to salad and also makes for a scrumptious coleslaw. Growing bok choy is a cinch. It is one of the vegetables that can grow in the shade.

#2 Kale

Source: Allaboutgardening

 You should grow this nutrient-dense vegetable on your balcony or patio and even indoors. You can plant up to 2 kale plants in a standard 12 inches in a 5-gallon and move it easily around in the shade or out of the cold in winter.

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#3 Sorrel

Source: Gardenersworld

You can grow sorrel as an annual in a wide pot that is at least 8-10 inches deep. Give the bucket slightly moist soil, and maintain the sunlight by moving the container according to the temperature and intensity of the sun.

#4 Collard Greens

Source: Texasmonthly

Collard greens do well in buckets in partial sunlight. Move the veggie to a shaded spot during the hot afternoon, if you want to plant it during summer.

#5 Lettuces

Source: Dengarden

Lettuces are popular vegetables that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Plant up to four lettuce plants per five-gallon bucket.

#6 Spinach

Source: Growingfruit

Growing spinach in pots is one of the easiest things to have delicious salad dishes to treat the whole family, both cooked and raw.

#7 Arugula

Source: Plantinstructions

Growing arugula in pots is an easy task. You can grow it in almost every climate. Make sure to use quality potting soil and keep it moist but not wet. Also, space out the plants 4-6 inches apart, when they grow a bit tall.

#8 Swiss Chard

Source: Gardenstew

 Grow swiss chard in a spot where it’s likely to receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight, especially in climates where the sun is not intense.

#9 Chicory, Belgian Endive

Source: Mooiemoestuin

Chicory is a cool weather crop and can be grown in early spring and spring. As you’re growing chicory for its leaves, choose a shallow pot and keep the growing medium slightly moist all the time.

#10 Radicchio

Source: Bonnieplants

Growing it is similar to lettuce as both belong to the daisy family. As radicchio is a cool weather crop, should start the radicchio seeds in spring and again in summer for the fall harvest.

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#11 Mustard Greens

Source: Urbanorganicgardener

Mustard greens are very tolerant of frost and heat, and remarkably easy to grow in buckets, indoors and outdoors. Get a shallow 6 to 8 inches deep pot; a window box would be fine, fill it with regular potting mix with a lot of organic matter.

#12 Mizuna

Source: Podgardening

Mizuna takes less than 40 days to mature. It doesn’t demand much besides full sun to part sun and moderate drainage and grows well in 6-8 inches-deep buckets.

#13 Watercress

Source: Vegetable-gardening

Watercress prefers to grow in part shade and is given regular water. Regular trimming, good drainage, and optimal potting mix are all factors that encourage new growth and help your watercress thrive in pots.

#14 Dandelion Greens

Source: Live-native

Dandelion Greens are hardy and humble garden weed, it is edible from root to flower. As a leafy green, it can be grown in containers throughout the year for a continuous harvest. This perennial plant survives in neglect and poor soil, although it needs a lot of sunlight to thrive. You can choose a small 8 inches deep pot to grow it.

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